Reader Post: Of Effrontry, Scandals and Righteous Men


My good friend, and TUS reader, BK Masterson has written a very thoughtful and hopeful editorial regarding these turbulent political times, rife with corruption in our government that reaches beyond the approaching election…

In the Spring/Summer of 1974, Fuller Smith Ross ad agency in NYC was negotiating a sale of its business to another agency. I was one of a handful of valued employees held in place to go with the records and history of the work when the sale was completed. For that reason, I had plenty of time on my hands at work and as ever was completely mesmerized by the appalling political situation unfolding during that period of time. I was actually holed up in a conference room watching the Watergate hearings nearly daily, hanging in there though my stomach was roiling at the spectacle. I wasn’t particularly invested in Nixon and his administration, but I damn sure felt revulsion at the behavior of anyone who would so blatantly seek to undermine the election process of my country. And there sat Alexander Butterfield testifying to the taping system in the Oval Office that brought down the President of the United States. Simply amazing. I was incensed that there were people capable of criminal activity so close to the president. HA!

Here I am now, 42 years later, retired and again with plenty of time on my hands. I have again watched the painful efforts of honest legislators be foiled and frustrated for a couple of years now to keep them from the truth about the widespread corruption and subversive actions among high ranking administration officials, most (if not all) un-elected. As ugly and criminal as that has been, the most heartbreaking and demoralizing aspect to this whole disgusting mess has been the apathy of the general public to pay serious attention to the topic and actively seek the truth from their officeholders but more importantly from the Fourth Estate, the Media which was once the designated protector of the Truth, charged with investigating and getting to the truth of any matter involving our government.

The offenses of the Obama administration and Secretary Clinton, Eric Holder and possibly a few other cabinet level appointments are far worse than the 1972-4 mess. Am I an abject fool for continuing to see perp-walks of a very high caliber over the next year or so? I daydream about it.

What made Gerald R. Ford the best antidote to the disastrous crumbling of the Nixon administration was his innate goodness and solid ethical background. Who knows how this will all play out? But it is comforting to a small degree to appreciate that there are some good solid people to call on to pick up the pieces. Michael R. Pence has a lot of the Right Stuff that informed Ford. I hope he survives this period without being tainted in any way. Sadly, I cannot think of a single candidate on the other side of the aisle to play that same role, should it all play out that way.

We all need to keep a good thought for all the good guys of all stripes over this very rocky period of time. Eyes on the Prize, the US Constitution – for your progeny, for your stability, for my old age! It’s worth far more than most of us will ever realize. Cherish it by protecting it.


2 comments on “Reader Post: Of Effrontry, Scandals and Righteous Men

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  2. Excellent piece. I too remember the Watergate years. I was in my late teens and watched the hearings whenever I could. Watergate was child’s play compared to the levels of corruption that we are seeing now.

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