Debate #2: Flies in Hillary’s Ointment – UPDATED


No handshake before the debate began. Felt good for me.

After the last 48 hours of bullshit over Donald Pussy Galore Trump’s 2 guys talking dirty about sex tape, Trump regrouped. And one way to head-off the expected obsession over the non-news story was for Trump to finally rub the Clintons’ noses in their own dirty sexual bullshit. He punked the MSM with a pre-debate press conference in which he sprung 4 surprise guests on them. 4 women whom the MSM and Clintons do not want heard from

And then Trump had them in the debate audience as his personal guests.

“Hey, those gals look familiar…”


You know how I roll on these things. I’ll publish a post. Start filling it, and come back to it in the morning after I’ve slept on it and had time to digest it.

So far, I think Trump did what he needed to do.

He stood his ground. Was as contrite as he needed to be for the degree of his perceived offense about the stupid tape … It’s always blaming the tape with Hillary. Trump was also able to turn it back around on her with her own husbands physical sexual record with women. And she had the audacity to claim what he just said was untrue, right there with 4 of Bill’s victims sitting not far from her guilty husband. As usual, the victims are the liars with the Clintons.

Trump was steady-footed, choosing to stand through most of the townhall style debate, if not all of it. Hillary returned to her chair when not speaking and was silent at times in responses, and off center in many replies. For all her “fact checking” web site bullshit she was being fact-checked and was wrong on many of her points.

Trump to Hillary: You Fear Me as Pres., Because You Know You’ll Be in Jail

Clinton Spokesman To Trump: ‘Go Fuck Yourself’



New “Progressive” liberal-think…

Blaming “Honest Abe”…

“Private policy” positions vs “Public policy” positions…

Debate Check II: Seven Hillary Lies Debunked

Clinton Shows How She Manages to Be Less Trusted Than Trump: The Democratic nominee continues to minimize her email “mistake” and misrepresents what she said about the disadvantages of truth in politics.

Frank Luntz says this was Donald Trump’s best moment of the debate, contrary to the pundits

I knew it.
Once again the liberal ‘feminist’ mind-set is “Hey! I get an equal playing field. I can do anything a man can do. I am equal to a man. Treat me as an equal— OMG! I’m a woman and he’s a man and he’s walking/standing near me, so, he’s stalking me!!! HELP! I feel threatened!”


Social media responds to Trump looming behind Clinton

Because “FACT-CHECKING Trump!!”


2 comments on “Debate #2: Flies in Hillary’s Ointment – UPDATED

  1. LOVED these pictures, especially the ones of the fly – how did they capture that image? – and Bill’s eyes.
    My favorite line since the debate, and I paraphrase, is – We keep being told women are offended by this tape of Trump; who are all the women who bought Fifty Shades of Gray?


  2. I had to bail out. My heart, you know! I will watch my DVRed debate in parts, but I’m delighted to hear that Trump held his own. Watching the Luntz focus group of Indys and it’s apparent that he came to play and she didn’t measure up. Same ol’, same ol’. Look forward to your follow-up.

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