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The 1990s Called and Wants It’s Campaign Season Back, Hillary


This is a flashback to a month ago on the Hillary campaign trail regarding Hurricane Hermine…

I have to ponder what those $63K worth of Weather Channel ads her camp had planned for this weekend of Hurricane Matthew in Florida, but bumped after backlash, said. Don’t doubt, in her luxurious expanse of MSM privilege she enjoys, that the ads were more of the same a vote for Trump is a vote for climate change bullshit. Wait for Hillary to hit climate change in this Sunday’s townhall forum debate with Trump.

After all, Hillary has pulled Al Gore out of one of his gigantic carbon footprint mansions and dusted him off to help her hit the campaign trail in order to try and scare the less-than-enthused Millennials into voting for her so they don’t burst into flames, or something. I guess it doesn’t matter to the democrats, and Clinton, that the vast majority of American people are not buying the “climate change” bullshit the left is trying to shove down our collective throats, and wallets.

Meanwhile, after old cottonmouth Bill’s past week of what the Clinton media shrugs off as gaffes, but we know are truth bombs, some are calling for Hillary’s hubby to be pulled off the campaign trail ASAP:

It doesn’t help him, or her, that Bill is currently being met with “Bill’s A RAPIST!” hecklers at these sparse rallies, as is she, and it’s begun spilling over into Tim Kaine’s appearances as well…


And it’s not stopping


Yeah, Bill travels with a lot of baggage … A LOT of baggage.

Well, her campaign bus did get a flat tire with him a couple days ago in Ohio. Hopefully it’s a sign, eh?



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