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Planned Parenthood Proves It’s a Tax Dollar Laundry for The Democrat Party


“Women’s health”, huh?

You know, the Zika virus bills have been blocked in the Congress by the democrats because there was to be no money for Planned Parenthood. Don’t you think if PP is spending this amount of money to keep one presidential candidate from being elected in order to get another elected they either do not need federal funds … or need to be investigated for spending federal funds to do this sort of shit?

This $30 million could have been used on Zika.

(Rolling Stone) –
Planned Parenthood is mounting one of the largest door-to-door field campaigns of the 2016 election, working to persuade millions of voters to defeat the extremist, anti-abortion ticket of Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Its army of hundreds of paid staff and thousands of volunteers could tip the balance in as many as half-a-dozen swing states, where the Trump campaign barely counts field offices, much less a sophisticated ground game.

Aiming to reach three million voters across six states, the $30 million campaign has twice the budget of Planned Parenthood’s largest previous field effort, in 2012. “Access to safe and legal abortion and access to reproductive health care is on the ballot this year like never before,” Deirdre Schifeling, executive director of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, tells Rolling Stone.



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