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ObamaCare Architect Defends Law But Blames Republicans for Its Huge Failures

Apparently Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity are at odds over this election.

Whatever, ain’t we all basking in the toxic, foul-smelling political ambiance of what we Americans have not only allowed but enabled to rot away?

Anyhow, I saw this exchange (above). Let me just say, in this current era of “creepy clowns” none are as dangerous and evil as Obamacare architect Ezekiel Emanuel. Were I Megyn Kelly last night I would have lost my job for telling Zeke “You’re full of shit!” on the air. And his citing of Sen. Marco Rubio? Well, he’s right. Rubio blocked throwing anymore tax dollars into the ObamaCare monster’s mouth.

Can’t make this up: Ezekiel Emanuel blames the GOP and Marco Rubio for Obamacare problems


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