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VP Debate Hate – UPDATE(S)


If you didn’t bother to watch the vice presidential debate tonight you didn’t miss much. Hillary sent Grover Dill.

1. Tim Kaine: “Trump’s taxes! Trumps taxes! Putin! Taxes!” And mostly talking out-of-turn and being scolded for it. He did manage to impress upon the country that he and Hillary believe new energy industy is needed, like solar. At that point Pence should have popped off, “Solyndra!” and other failed and tax dollar sucking companies that have gone under these last 8 years.

2. Mike Pence: “…” Well, he didn’t exactly defend Trump when Kaine whined about Trump’s remarks. He tried to press for an even and logical debate on policy differences in relationship to Hillary’s actions during her time at the State Dept., but Kaine was always jumping in about how everything wrong in America is because Trump didn’t pay his taxes. And when Pence tried to bring up Hillary’s 33K deleted emails and her feckless email practices while at State the debate moderator forcefully changed the subject. He was able to manage what I thought were spot-on remarks that mirror much of Americans’ views on illegal immigration, the military, law and order, police support, the Iran nuke deal, Obama’s lack of leadership these last 8 years, etc.

I, for one, am disappointed there was no ‘creepy clown sightings’ question for Kaine and Pence. But then Hillary’s clown was there and it might have been viewed by the left as a microaggression.

The next debate should be a tag team set up with candidates and their VPs. Chairs and chainsaws.




FOX: Another debate, another biased moderator: Quijano dumps on Trump, Pence

MRC’s Brent Bozell: Pence Wins Debate with Kaine Despite Elaine Quijano’s Best Efforts

Don Surber has the media’s “You’re excused, Timmy” dismisses of democrat VP candidate Tim Kaine’s “creepy clown” performance at last night’s VP debate:“Hop Aboard The Cuckoo Kaine”

Newsbusters: Rinse, Lather, Repeat: New York Times Hails ‘Devout’ Faith of Tim Kaine, Just Like Mike Pence

HotAir: Pence won on temperament and strong on issues, says … Chris Matthews

HotAir: VP Debate Winners and Losers: Pence solid, Kaine canned and annoying

Weasel Zippers: “Sorry, this isn’t a debate this is Kaine and the moderator trying to shut Pence down whenever he starts to say anything.”

Youtube comments: “This is a perfect example of how the Democrat party talks over the wants and needs of American citizens. If Democrats can’t be in power and run things in their own inept/corrupt manner, they will beat down all opposition.”

RNC: Kaine interrupted over 70 times

And THIS is why Mike Pence REALLY won the #VPDebate


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