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Election 2016: The Last Gasp of the Dying MSM


I’m a bit of an old movie junkie. Not talking about the 70s or the 80s (which today some people consider “old movies’). I like the 1930s and 40s variety. Some I am still catching up on. Yesterday TCM ran “Leave Her to Heaven”. I thought, “Well, the title sounds like a lighthearted romance.” Nope. Just the opposite. It was the story of an obsessive, narcissistic, sociopath woman that is so jealous and hateful of anyone that even dared give, or take, her husband’s attention that she kills them. By the time her husband and sister realize just how sick and evil she is she poisons and kills herself, and stages it so that it looks as if her sister murdered her with some complicity by her husband … Just so she could punish those she disagreed with and hated.

Sounds a lot like the dying American MSM

No one could follow this year’s campaign without understanding that the media formerly known as mainstream (sorry, Prince) have jettisoned any pretense of neutrality, or even of journalistic integrity, in their desperation to preserve the status quo by electing Hillary Clinton president. Fair enough. We know where they stand.

One of the last vestiges of liberal media’s pretense to authority is its legion of “fact checkers.” “Fact checkers” like PolitiFact, the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler and others purport to rule judiciously on claims made by candidates of both parties. In fact, as those who pay attention have long known, “fact checking,” in pretty much all cases, is just liberal activism under another name.

All of which is preface to this: Rasmussen Reports finds that voters are no longer fooled, if they ever were, by newspapers’ fact checkers:

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 29% of all Likely U.S. Voters trust media fact-checking of candidates’ comments. Sixty-two percent (62%) believe instead that news organizations skew the facts to help candidates they support. …

Eighty-eight percent (88%) of voters who support Trump in the presidential race believe news organizations skew the facts, while most Clinton backers (59%) trust media fact-checking. Among the supporters of Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, sizable majorities also don’t trust media fact-checking.

It stands to reason that a slim majority of Democrats trust media fact-checkers. Why not trust those who are in the business of agreeing with you? What could be more objective than that? …

Meanwhile, nothing is more dangerous than a wounded political animal, especially in power/control…

The Purge Begins: Democrats on FEC Vote Privately to Ban FOX News, WSJ from Covering Politics

This is what a Hillary Clinton presidency looks like – No more freedom of speech in America…

In August Democrats on the nation’s top campaign finance regulator opened the door once again to regulating political content on the Internet.

Now this…
Democrats on the Federal Election Commission are laying the groundwork to bar companies with even the tiniest foreign ownership from American politics.


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