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Double standards and selective indignation

There was a Clinton hit on Trump for his breaking with the embargo in Cuba many years ago. Don’t you just love it when they accuse him of something that the democrats have done? It is such an easy trick but Trump almost deliberately falls for it every time.

Obama has concluded a deal with Cuba that Trump would never make. The deal offers no relief from tyranny for the Cuban people, it allows Cuba to order airlines to refuse permission for people they do not want to allow to come to Cuba, and it permits the Cuban government to abuse and imprison anyone who disagrees with the regime there. Freedom for the Cuban people was never to be part of this deal.

In fact the only ones benefiting from this Obama deal are the tyrants who now no longer have to pay cash for what they buy, but can get credit and default on paying back loans as they always have done. Mrs. Clinton loves to brag about loans Trump has defaulted on when all he did was legally use American bankruptcy laws. yet she applauds Obama’s allowing Cuba to stiff the U.S. and all other countries.

In addition, let’s get some perspective. This is excerpted from an article by Humberto Fontova from Townhall.com:

In brief, Trump’s “crime” consisted of this: back in 1998 (when the Clinton Administration in their push to end the embargo, was urging American companies to partner with the Castro regime) Trump Resorts and Hotels hired a consulting firm named Seven Arrows headed by Richard Fields to explore the possibility of opening a hotel in Cuba. In other words, while unconvinced of its merit, Trump was willing to at least explore business opportunities then being promoted by the Clinton administration.

So to deflect from the horrible nature of this terrible deal that Obama made without consulting Congress, Clinton finds a small thing a private businessman did decades ago, and suddenly Trump is the baddie on Cuba instead of Obama.

At the beginning of the next debate, Trump needs to turn to the camera and tell the American people that his opponent likes to criticize him for what she has been doing all her life, and for what the democrat party has been guilty of as well. He has to say to the American people, “Every time Mrs. Clinton pulls this trick I am going to give you a high sign (he should show what that sign will be) and you will recognize it. For example, if she is accusing me of having said things to someone twenty years ago, this is to try to help us forget all of the many destructive things she has said about women her husband harmed and abused.”

All of this is what I call the Newt Gingrich syndrome. Gingrich, in 1994, said to a crowd on an NR cruise, “If you want to know what the democrats are doing, watch what they are accusing us of.”

If Trump had been ready for that, he could have used the Newt Gingrich slogan at her in advance and ruined every debate point she would be using to protect herself. But he CAN do it next time.

By being able to recognize these tricks in advance and showing them to the audience, Trump can go on the offensive and have a gotcha moment against her every time she tries them.

Instead of Americans losing heart because “everyone does it” so “it makes no difference who wins this time”, there must be so many “there you go again” moments against Hillary, that the public swings to the Republican party.

Also, I hope Pence does not pull a Romney at the Vice Presidential debate and behave like a gentleman. I hope Pence is not afraid to to go after Kaine about J Street and CAIR and what a mediocre governor he was. I want blood at that veep debate. There is too much at stake to allow Hillary to win.

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