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The ObamaCare Apocalypse is Here: “All is going according to plan.”

Help us, government-run single payer! You’re our only hope!

ObamaCare was just the jagged stepping stone to all-out government-run single payer, and was designed to collapse under its own weight. A lot of additionally designed damage has been done to the private companies that bought into O-Care as we see them bugging out with heavy losses. Part of the plan as well to decimate the private sector choice(s). It has played out exactly, and even worse, than many of us predicted it would, and nobody listened. They just heard “free” or “affordable” for “everyone” and ran to it like flies on crap. Well, as I recall, when the democrats were in full control of both houses of the Congress and cramming this toxic suppository up our collective butts the majority of Americans were screaming “NO!!!”

This was fully calculated by Obama, the democrats, and those leftists they hired to craft this monster, and the biggest lie of all was how this would be ‘making money’ and ‘funding itself’ by now…


SURPRISE! Democratic lawmakers pushing ‘public option’ amid ♡bamaCare!!! woes.

THAT MEANS IT’S WORKING: ObamaCare Individual Mandate Fine Hit 8 Million People This Year

THAT MEANS IT’S WORKING: ObamaCare’s Death Spiral Has Begun.

THAT MEANS IT’S WORKING: Tenn. lawmakers, residents search for solutions after Blue Cross Blue Shield pulls out of ACA.

I THOUGHT OBAMACARE WAS GOING TO FIX THIS: “The reaction to opening a medical bill these days is often shock and confusion — for the insured and the uninsured. Prices and deductibles keep rising, policies are drowning in fine print, and doctors are jumping on and off networks. So why hasn’t the growing burden of health care gotten more attention in the presidential campaign?”

CUE WORLD’S SMALLEST VIOLIN: A Millennial’s ObamaCare Lament.

WAIT, I THOUGHT OBAMACARE WAS GOING TO FIX ALL THIS: Maternal Mortality Rate in U.S. Rises, Defying Global Trend, Study Finds.

Zero Hedge:

Stunning Maps Depict Collapse Of Obamacare “Coverage” In 2017

Drug Laws, Obamacare, & Prescription Drug Abuse: What You’re Not Being Told

Death Panel Discussion: Obamacare Costs Skyrocket; When Does It Stop?

Obamacare Is Rapidly Becoming The Poster-Child For American Inequality

17th Obamacare Co-Op Exits Due To “Hazardous Financial Conditions” – Only 6 Left

“Rampant Fraud” Exposed In Obamacare Exchanges: 100% Of Fictitious Enrollees Obtained Subsidies

Obamacare On “Verge Of Collapse” As Premiums Set To Soar Again In 2017

Obamacare “Death Spiral” Looms As Co-Op Losses Mount

The judgment fund bailout of Obamacare could happen in October

Funding of Obamacare an ‘Illegal Scheme’: Gov’t watchdog confirms White House unlawfully diverted billions at taxpayer expense

IRS Report Reveals How Obamacare “Spread [$11 Billion] Of Wealth Around”

Watchdog knocks administration for misusing Obamacare funds

Near ‘Collapse,’ Minnesota to Raise Obamacare Rates by Half

ObamaCare rates in MN skyrocket 60% to stave off “collapse”

Health Insurers’ Exit Spells Trouble for Obamacare

Obamacare in Big Trouble, Some States Will Be Left With Only One Insurer in 2017

Obamacare’s Collapse: The Weirdest Excuse Yet


One comment on “The ObamaCare Apocalypse is Here: “All is going according to plan.”

  1. […] Remember, the VA was one of the templates that went into ObamaCare. […]


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