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The First Presidential Debate Sparks Conspiracy Theories


Like everyone else, I was a bit eager to watch last Monday night’s first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. We are kind of driven by first impressions. The first thing I noticed when the two candidates came out on the stage was Hillary’s gait was a little weird. I then noticed her pantsuit was a bit more fitting than the ugly tarp/tent garments she has been wearing these last few months. It was far more flattering than what we have been seeing lately. I thought that made the summer spent in such ugly garb even more curious.

But then I went into trying to ignore Trump’s sniffle, which could be explained as one of those unfortunate moments when your sinus cavity decides to open up a bit more and let the waterworks trickle down, and concentrating on what would be said between the two.

Others, however, came away from the debate with a bit more curious observations.

First, there is the question of what Hillary had unde the back of her suit jacket. While some speculate it was some sort of cummunication system, given the question of an ear pearl from the meet-up between the two with Matt Lauer during NBC’s commander-in-chief forum three weeks prior to this debate. I saw the lapel mic on her jacket, in addition to the podium mic. I didn’t notice one on Trump’s lapel, but the mic was black, she was wearing bright red and his suit was dark (black?), so, the mic would have stood out more on her frock. However, Trump did have an issue over the mics as the debate was being pumped out into the university foyer and when he spoke the sound was a bit garbled and much lower than Hillary’s sound when she spoke. This was confirmed by FNC’s Eric Bolling who was out in the foyer during the debate.


And apparently Hillary’s ear is still not out of the mix in this debate


Also, when I first saw the video mash-up of alleged ‘signals’ from Hillary to debate moderator Lester Holt I was a little skeptical and thought people were just ‘looking for something/anything’. However, the more I see it the more I agree she was signaling someone, probably Holt. Those who are familiar with such hand-signals are weighing in as well

The initial posting of the video compilation met with a YouTube censoring…

And then somebody else noticed this about Hillary’s podium desk top: CLINTON TELEPROMPTER INSIDE DEBATE PODIUM – Exposed By Network Video

I don’t know what to say. And this video the man hurriedly snatching a file from behind Hillary’s podium at the finish of the debate when everyone was applauding, making their way onto the stage and shaking hands … Well, he’s been dubbed “The Cleaner”. I was under the impression that the candidates are not permitted to bring along anything with them to the podiums, and any paper and pens were provided by the those hosting the debate. This is rather curious, especially given Hillary did NOT carry it out onto the stage with her…

Now this cleaner’s true identity has been revealed and what is truly shocking is who he works for. The cleaner, George Lewis, was seen going to the podium to remove a file that Hillary had, probably containing notes on the questions that Lester Holt was going to ask. He was also seen going back to the podium, where it appeared he had disconnected some electronic equipment and took away a small black box.

As it would turn out Lewis is a retired NBC staffer who now does “freelance” work for the highest bidder. This is all according to Lewis’ own Twitter account, which reads, “Retired NBC News correspondent now freelancing. Retweets are not endorsements. Opinions my own.”

Both Lester Holt, who clearly had it out for Trump during the debate, and Lewis both work or worked for NBC, who just so happened to host the event. It’s starting to look like somebody had all the cards.

Something else very peculiar happened that most people missed that only adds merit to this theory that the whole thing may have been fixed. When the debate was over Lewis was seen going in to grab a file from Hillary’s podium and trying to slyly pass it over to Holt.

Then Hillary’s “cleaner” went back over to her podium to disconnect some sort of electronic set up that appeared to be connected to a small black box under Hillary’s podium. Then as any “cleaner” should he removed the box and took it away…

The article then goes into the question of the possible ‘teleprompter’ on Hillary’s podium. (Here I ponder if it was a light in order to illuminate the desk top so you could read your notes, and perhaps Trump did not need his on as he didn’t appear to be taking notes.

Anyhow, if the debate was not physically “rigged”, it was definitely designed to be slanted in Hillary’s favor: Five Times Lester Holt Shilled for Hillary Clinton at First Debate

I have even seen where people are alleging NBC/Lester Holt “leaked” the debate questions to Hillary Clinton a week or so before the debate night. I don’t know if any of this is true or accurate. But I do know Hillary hid-out in her New York home for that week “in focused preparation” of her debate with the most unqualified candidate for POTUS since the dawn of human life on planet Earth. Mmm-kay…

These suspicions come up because of the Clintons’ proclivity for unfair play and having such compliant and enabling support from the MSM. What is worse, those of us who lift an interested brow to things like this are laughed at and considered stupid. This, from the Clinton ilk and sycophants who are still shrugging with a pass Bill Clinton’s “It all depends on what your definition of “is” is…” So, suspicions about Hillary Clinton, and the MSM, and collusion are very valid. Even Rudy Giuliani says Donald Trump should just refuse to do the remaining debates with Hillary.


Now We Learn How Lester Holt Became Moderator of the Presidential Debate


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