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The Debate Rate

I’m going to be a bit brief and to the point because last night’s “debate” was just, yet, another exercise in mainstream media intervention and kinship with the democrat candidate/party.

I can only assume maybe Lester Holt forgot the page in the make-up room with the “questions” he had jotted down for Hillary Clinton about …

1. Benghazi

2. deleted emails and multiple immunities and cover-ups

3. hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees before Wall Street entities, hedge funds and big banks that she continues to demonize and refuses to release the transcripts of said speeches

4. the growing questions about the Clinton Foundation “charity” that has taken in millions and millions and has actually given out so very little in actual charity

5. quid pro quo/pay-to-play while she was Secretary of State with “donations” going into the Clinton Foundation coffers

6. taking millions from foreign countries that severely oppress woman and girls, imprison and/or execute gays, and practice a barbaric inhumane form of corporal punishment (lashing) and execution (beheading)

7. serious concerns and questions about your health

8. Not any … ANY … follow-up by Holt regarding Sid Blumenthal in the “birther” and email scandals where his direct and filthy fingerprints are everywhere. However, no doubt, if Lester Holt had just a few more moments he might have asked Trump about the endorsement of him by whatever KKK or David Duke asshole.

Those are just off the top of my head.

After the last gathering a couple weeks ago with NBC’s Matt Lauer, the word went out from the Hillary camp that they were not permitted to challenge or confront her, hell, and directly question her on anything. And that Holt had better “fact check” everything Trump said. Holt interrupted Trump over 30 times, and Hillary half that many. But what Trump did last night was something no republican candidate has really ever done at these debates before. He stood strong and would not be silenced by these interruptions and bullshit premises in Holt’s questions.

To me Donald Trump had a very good first 1/4 – 1/2 of the debate. Hillary is a ‘professional’ establishment politician and debater. She tried to stress her “experience”, but Trump pointed out her experience was bad and failed. He also pointed out, during an exchange about nuclear weapons, that he agreed with Hillary that nukes are the most important threat facing us today … and NOT “climate change” as she and her ilk like to put above everything else.

Lost opportunities for Trump:

1. When discussing her plans for ‘renewable energy’ Trump neglected to point out Hillary’s having said she will put coal miners out of work. He also needed to say this when she was pushing the greatness of ‘investing’ money into solar panels, etc.: Solyndra, and all the other alternative energy technology Obama has pumped billions of taxpayer dollars into these last eight years that funneled huge pay-offs to CEOs before those businesses went under with our money, lost jobs, and countless millions of dollars in materials that went to waste.

2. When Hillary patted her “stamina” as great for having sat through 11 hours of congressional questioning Trump missed the prime opportunity to point out the 13 long and deadly hours that Americans in Benghazi fought to save themselves and the rest of the Americans working there under her digression that were abandoned. How dare she compare her 11 hours to the 13 hours those people went through in order to bolster her “stamina” level. And Trump then should have invited Hillary to talk with his guest at the debate, Mark “Oz” Geist, who could compare and contrast his 13 hours to her 11 hours in a comfortable seat with bathroom/coughing/meal breaks and gentle coddling and empathy from her democrat party colleagues on the Congressional panel. It “makes a yuge difference”, after all…

3. When Hillary deemed all Americans as “racist” Trump should have jumped all over her and that shit and defended Americans. It would have been his Reagan-esque “Well, there you go again…” moment in pointing out her now massively expanding of her generalizing to calling 1/2 his supporters “deplorable”.

4. Trump kept saying about Hillary’s staff in regards to the FBI investigation of her email scandal “Taking the 5th”. Yes, but I believe he was trying to recall and meant how so many of Hillary’s top staffers had been recently discovered to have been given “immunity” before being called to testify, and THEN pleading “the 5th” to avoid answering anything, and in at least one situation violated the Congressional subpoena to appear. Far worse than just simply “taking the 5th”.

My strongest recommendations to Trump and his staff going forward:

a. Iraq War: Whatever the Hell he did or didn’t say as being for/against it is a non-sequitur because he made the comment as a private civilian … as opposed to Hillary Clinton who had the intelligence, the power and the “yes” vote to go to war in Iraq. Trump’s opinion(s) had no bearing on the Iraq war whatsoever. Her words and actions, on the other hand, did.

b. Birther: Trump pointed out and stressed the facts about when/how/who started the Obama controversy in 2008 during Hillary’s primary battle with Obama. He is right when he points out his dust-up in the past over the question of Obama’s birth resulted in Obama finally releasing a birth certificate. Also, it should be pointed out that there was/is nothing “racist” about questioning and disagreeing with Barack Obama about anything.

c. Tax Returns: Repeat how he is under IRS audit, as many Americans have experienced, and is following the experienced guidance of his tax lawyers, which she, Hillary, should understand being a lawyer herself. However, he believes Americans might find the 30+ thousand missing emails, and the transcripts of her multiple Wall Street speeches, for starters, far more interesting.

d. Sexual Harassment: Yes, get personal if she dares go there again. Her husband’s past and (by Colin Powell’s emails) continuing indiscretions. Her taking of millions of dollars from foreign countries that treat women and LGBTQs “deplorably”. Her having laughingly defending of a rapist of a 12 year old girl, and her “deplorable” characterization of the victimized girl.

e. Foreign Policy Experience: Aside from his business experience around the world, Trump needs to point out just a couple points about Hillary’s experience. The NorKs are where they are with their nuclear weapons advancements because of the technology they were given by her husband while he was POTUS. As we speak, Iran is crapping all over the much praised “Iran Nuke Deal” she is partly responsible for, and it will have the same end results as her husband’s deal with NorK has. Remind her that she called Syria’s Pres. al Assad a “reformer”. Remind her that her “restart” button with Russia has been less successful than trying to carry water in a sieve. Ask her something that has never been even remotely approached by anyone, especially the MSM … Compare and contrast the way Iraq’s Saddam Hussein met ‘justice’ (legally tried and hanged by the Iraqi government) to how her dethroning of Muammar Gaddafi ended with no trial and his rape and butchering in the street by the “rebels” she supported.

f. the next debate(s) simply inform the moderator(s) “I have already answered that question (___ number of times), and I’ll not be wasting anymore time tonight with it” when you know you have answered it to whatever degree of importance you feel the American people deem it.

And so while Donald Trump’s biggest failing last night was his amateur status as a career politician, Hillary very successfully displayed her professional career politician gravitas that nobody in the talking-heads faction of this nation gives a flying-fuck-at-the-moon that the American people are sick and tired of establishment career politicians taxing/regulating/dictating and in general making a mountainous mess of this country and our lives.

And Hillary … Well, she claimed to be so, so pro small business and how important small businesses are to jobs and the economy … And literally in the next ‘controlled’ breath Hillary insisted the minimum wage must be raised. Trump needed to jump all over the current evidence that in areas/cities where the minimum wage has been raised to the latest demanded rates small business have suffered greatly. from cutting back on employees and their hours to automatizing with non-human workers in favor of investing in technology, and even closing their doors as they go out of business. Had he jumped all over her for that I believe she would’ve been toast and prime for the picking over whatever else she said the rest of the debate.


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