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Next Debate: If Only Somebody Would Ask These Questions…


Shakes things up just a tad while leveling the playing field after the first bulldozing of fair and balanced and truth by avalanching Trump. You know you would love it…

Sonny Bunch @ The Washington Free Beacon:

  • Mr. Trump, you’ve referred to women, and I’m paraphrasing here, as fat ugly horrible disgusting pigs. Why do you think they’re expending energy complaining about this when they should be working to drop all that extra weight?
  • Mrs. Clinton, how will you serve as president when you’re sitting in prison for all your email-related crimes? Does the Constitution allow you to pardon yourself for your wanton criminality?
  • Mr. Trump, your hotels are fabulous and classy—really, they are the best hotels. Will you update the White House’s interior decorations? Will you save the American people money by stiffing the subcontractors who install all the gold lamé curtains?
  • Mrs. Clinton, why did your husband cheat on you repeatedly?
  • Mr. Trump, isn’t it ridiculous that people think Vladimir Putin—who you are friendly with and just wants to do right by the people of Russia, a worthy goal for a national leader—would hack Hillary’s emails? How would you apologize to him for the vicious slanders he has endured these past few months?
  • Follow up for Mr. Trump: When you suggested in the last debate that a 400 pound hacker was behind recent hacks of the DNC and others, were you implying that Chris Christie was behind it?
  • Mrs. Clinton, did you personally order the attack on the Benghazi compound, or did you just cackle with glee while it happened?
  • Mr. Trump, which nation should we take the oil from next? Venezuela? Canada? The world is yours.
  • Mrs. Clinton, how does it feel to steal jobs from hardworking Americans and ship them to foreigners that, I assume, chant “Death to America” on a regular basis?
  • Mr. Trump, final question: How much do you love America?
  • Mrs. Clinton, final question: How many souls did you consume to cure yourself of the “pneumonia” you were suffering from?

Lester Holt Asked Trump 15 Questions, Clinton 2 Questions

A close analysis of the transcript of the first presidential debate on Monday night shows that moderator Lester Holt of NBC News asked 15 questions exclusively of Republican nominee Donald Trump, and only 2 questions exclusively of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The analysis, posted on social media and drawing intense attention on Reddit, walks through the entire 90-minute exchange and notes Holt asked six questions of both candidates, in addition to Trump’s 15 and Clinton’s two.


Breitbart News noted that Holt intervened several times to “fact-check” Trump — often erroneously — while never checking Clinton’s facts, even when she was completely wrong, as in her claim that she had never flip-flopped on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. In addition, the Washington Examiner‘s Eddie Scarry notes Holt asked Trump six follow-up questions, and none of Clinton, leaving Trump “having to debate the highly anticipated event’s moderator as well as his Democratic opponent.”

In debate, Clinton gets no follow-up questions, Trump gets 6

See how that works?


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