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Best Post-Debate Point So Far … “Re-Training”???

This morning on FOX & Friends Gold Star Parents Billy and Karen Vaughn, Trump supporters and his guests at last night’s debate, made very valid and solid points about this election and the establishment ‘status quo’ expert politicians who are the problem in this country.

@ around 2:10 Mt Vaughn excoriates, a little indirectly, the American media’s disregard for the average American, citing how the only reason why these morning anchors were talking to and listening to him and his wife is because their son had been KIA.

But I want you to pay close attention to something Mr. Vaughn points out @ 3:10 something very striking that was probably not only not heard last night, but not clearly listened to when/if heard regarding the Hillary proposed “re-training” of this nation’s police officers, and hit on how such “re-training” of our US Military has failed horribly and cost lives.



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