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Angel in The Bullpen…


The sporting world is reeling from the tragic death of Florida Marlins young pitcher Jose Fernandez (and two others) in a boating accident over the weekend. But even more so is the Miami Cuban-American community. I am seeing several of my friends express their heartbreak and heartache over the loss of this promising young man who defied the odds and made his way to the United States. Fernandez made no less than 4 attempts to make his way to our shores from Castro’s communist Cuba in a boat so that he could achieve the American dream for himself and his family.

On the 4th attempt Fernandez, then 15 years old, recalls hearing somebody fall overboard after a big wave hit the boat. He jumped in, knowing he was young and strong enough to help whomever it was. When he reached them he discovered it was his own mother who had been washed overboard, and pulled her to safety. They eventually made it to Miami where a new life filled with freedom, hopes and dreams awaited them. His abuela, still in Cuba, was his biggest fan (tissue alert)…

Watching Marlins Manager Don Mattingly fighting to make it through his grief to speak about this loss of Fernandez opens old wounds for we longtime Cleveland Indians fans that were made in March of 1993 when our team lost two players (nearly 3) in a similar boating accident, and we watched our then manager Mike Hargrove and fellow players try hard to express their loss and grief to the public


Florida Marlins franchise and fans, we longtime Cleveland Indians fans are with you at this tragic time, we feel your loss deeply. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Florida Marlins team and franchise, the family of Jose Fernandez, and all the fans, especially in Miami.


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