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“You get immunity! You get immunity! You get immunity! All Hillary’s minions get immunity!”


You need to [insert Oprah voice] in reading that title.

Now we know. The FBI was in no-ways serious about investigating Hillary and her staff and the email scandal and cover-up. I’m surprised they didn’t officially give Hillary immunity … Or maybe they did when they questioned her that Saturday after Bill met with AG Lynch on the tarmac in Arizona. I mean, how would we know? They took no audio/video. Nor did they formally write much down about the back-and-forth…

(FOX News) – Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff Cheryl Mills and two other staffers were granted immunity as part of the now-closed FBI probe into the former secretary of state’s email practices, according to a top House Republican who questioned whether the numerous deals hindered the bureau’s ability to build a case.

“This is beyond explanation,” House oversight committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said in a statement Friday. “The FBI was handing out immunity agreements like candy. I’ve lost confidence in this investigation and I question the genuine effort in which it was carried out.”

The arrangements detailed by Chaffetz bring the total number of publicly known immunity deals in the Clinton case to five.

Chaffetz first revealed the additional deals in an interview with The Associated Press, saying “no wonder they couldn’t prosecute a case.” He said Mills gave federal investigators access to her laptop on the condition that findings couldn’t be used against her.

“Immunity deals should not be a requirement for cooperating with the FBI,” Chaffetz said in his statement.

Chaffetz said the two others granted immunity were John Bentel, then-director of the State Department’s Office of Information Resources Management, and Clinton aide Heather Samuelson.

Two other people including former IT specialist Bryan Pagliano were previously identified as receiving immunity deals as well. Chaffetz’ committee voted Thursday to recommend holding Pagliano in contempt of Congress after he again ignored a subpoena to appear before the oversight panel.


But Chaffetz’ revelations fueled GOP concerns about the nature of the FBI investigation, which determined Clinton’s actions were extremely careless but did not lead to any criminal prosecution.


Chaffetz said he is looking forward to asking Comey questions about the immunity deals when Comey testifies Wednesday before the House Judiciary Committee.

Worth mentioning, Cheryl Mills got up and stormed out of her FBI questioning, even with her immunity. And Clinton’s IT guy was given immunity by the Congress, but has failed to show up twice for his subpoenaed testimony before the committee’s hearing this week. He’s now been slammed with contempt of Congress.

House panel recommends holding former Clinton IT aide in contempt

LI: FBI Gave Hillary Aide Cheryl Mills Immunity During Investigation



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