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American Devolution: No, YOU are “Acting Stupidly”!!! – UPDATED


Oh, yeah, “SHUT DOWN THIS CITY” … Um-hmmm.

Charlotte, NC: A few days ago a black police officer shot and killed a black man who got out of his car with a gun … and after refusing several warnings to drop the gun as he continued to approach the 4 officers, the black cop shot him. The family screams he had a book, not a gun. However, photos (and the body-cam/police vest video to be shown to the family and released to the public later today) clearly shows he had a handgun


But guess what … It won’t matter. The truth and facts do not matter anymore in this country. It’s all about the abstract rage and personalization of other people’s woes and taking every damn thing out of sane context and putting them into the liberal, primitive brutality mentality…

‘We Out Like The Taliban!’ Charlotte Citizens Riot After Police Shooting [VIDEO]

And there you have it, the perfect analogy.

As what has become the knee-jerk era of Barack Obama SJW/BLM response to reality and civility, last night the city of Charlotte again found its streets swarmed with angry ignorant people who have no idea of the facts, only their own warped perception of their own ‘truth’ that has been fed these last eight years of Obama and the left’s dissolving of decades and decades of coming together. I can only guess Obama has a disdain for Martin Luther King, Jr., as he does the rest of our founding and transforming fathers.

The violence and criminality grows and thrives with each of these “protests” we see in the wake of the total expunging of common sense and humanity in the streets. More brutality and vandalism and theft. More racist and hate-filled rhetoric.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Reuters) – Residents of Charlotte, North Carolina, woke to a state of emergency on Thursday with National Guard troops deployed on the streets after a second night of violent protests over the fatal police shooting of a black man.

One person was on life support after being shot by a civilian late Wednesday as riot police used tear gas, rubber bullets and flash-bang grenades to try to disperse demonstrators who looted stores and threw rocks, bottles and fireworks.

Four police officers suffered non-life threatening injuries, city officials said.


Authorities say Scott was wielding a handgun and was shot after refusing commands to drop it. His family and a witness say he was holding a book, not a firearm, when he was killed.

A spokesman for the Charlotte Fraternal Order of Police told CNN on Thursday he had seen video from the scene showing Scott holding a gun.

Drudge Report has the headlines of this disgusting chapter— no, volume in Barack Obama’s “post-racial” America after his 8 years of stirring the shit…


Second night of chaos, violence…
Appeals For Calm; State of Emergency…
‘Protester’ smashing apartment windows on Live TV…
NASCAR Hall of Fame Looted…
Homeless White Man Kicked Over…
Attempt to throw photographer into fire…
Victim’s Brother Calls All White People ‘Devils’…

He/She who stirs the shit should be forced to lick the gaddam spoon.

Charlotte Rioters Show a Brutal Side By Trying to Throw Photographer Into a Fire. Police Save Him.

The man, a news photographer had been beaten unconscious and was dragged to the fire as a woman (presumably the reporter) desperately tries to pull him back before police step-in…

Meanwhile, Twitter has chosen sides, and it’s not the right side…

Whoohoo censorship! Free-speech advocate and well-known Conservative @Instapundit suspended on Twitter

Protester shot in the head by another protester at Charlotte protest march for #KeithLamontScott; Life-threatening injuries …Victim on life support

What did he tweet that got him into trouble with the Twitter overlords?


Ben Shapiro NAILS the hypocrisy of the @instapundit suspension in just one tweet

Hey @Twitter, I’ve seen the videos and photos of a CNN reporter being bulldozed to the ground and another photographer being beaten and dragged to a bonfire to be thrown into the flames. WTF would your pampered little libidiot techs and gestapo in your social media basement do if they were in their Prius and being surrounded by these same thugs?

Limbaugh: In the Second Term of the First Black President, Rioting Is the New Normal

It’s a sad observation, folks. I’m telling you, a sad, sad observation but it’s an observation that I don’t think I’m alone in making. It seems like rioting is almost expected now when there is a cop shooting. A cop shooting, period. Don’t care about the details. It seems like it’s now axiomatic that there’s going to be rioting or massive public protests or threats of rioting or threats of unrest every time the cops have to draw their weapons.

Now, stop and think about this. Where are we here? We’re in the United States of America. We are in the second term of the presidency of the first African-American president ever elected in this country, a former community organizer — ah — agitator, organizer, same thing, who promised and assured us, via hope and change, that none of this would survive the presidency. This kind of thing was destined for the ash heap.

We aren’t going to have these kinds of divisive squabbles any longer because the election of the first African-American president would finally mean that we had matured and that we had seen the error of our sinful past. The election the first African-American president, not just that act, but the man himself with his promises and his assurances is going to unify us, the country was going to become one, the nation was going to be loved by all the peoples of the world, and, via hope and change, there would be an unbridled optimism that would spread coast to coast, east to west, north to south, all across this country.

And now look where we are. We’re nowhere. In fact, not only are we nowhere near that, we have regressed. We have regressed and we are in the process of regressing, specifically in the area of race relations, but in general throughout our culture. Our culture is being roiled. Our society is being torn asunder. It is happening with happiness on the part of those doing the asundering. They are gleeful and feel like they have an objective to accomplish here by further division, creating angst.

There doesn’t seem to be any desire for hope and change to mean anything positive. There doesn’t even seem to be any desire to want to try to unify to get along. Is it a coincidence? It seems like whenever the police anywhere — in Charlotte you have a black chief; you have a largely African-American city government; you have a largely black police force. And I think in the case of Charlotte you have an African-American cop. Why? Wasn’t the election of these people and wasn’t the commensurate rise in political power for African-Americans to mayoralties and city councils, wasn’t that supposed to also bring about, not an end, I mean, nothing ever ends, but why are things getting worse here?


I’m telling you, we are regressing and it’s a shame. It’s just an abject shame. When I say “nobody wants this,” I’m talking about reasonable people. Nobody wants this, what’s happening in Tulsa today, last night, Charlotte, nobody wants this. But some do. Some are feeding off of it. Not new, I know. But I keep going back to hope and change. This was supposed to end because there was supposed to be hope. The election of Barack Hussein O, that meant there was hope, that means that we had changed direction, we were headed in a new direction, a positive direction.

There was to be a new sensitivity, a new awareness. In fact, people on the left were using the term “postracial society” to describe what the country would be like after the election of Barack Hussein Obama. We’re not post- anything. We’re worse post. We’re ipso post. We’re whatever is happening. It ain’t for the better. We are digressing, we are regressing, and it’s just downright shame. […]


Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit:

TWITTER HAS UNBLOCKED MY ACCOUNT ON CONDITION OF DELETING THE OFFENDING TWEET. But lest I be accused of airbrushing, it’s preserved here. Still planning on quitting Twitter, though, after making a few points. Earlier post is here.

UPDATE: From Nick Gillespie at Reason: In Defense Of InstaPundit’s Glenn Reynolds. “Whatever you think of the tastefulness of his suggestion regarding the protesters in Charlotte, the idea that he is seriously inciting any sort of actual or real threat is risible.”

Related: “Glenn Reynolds is old enough to remember Reginald Denny. (Look it up, kids.)”

PJM: Instapundit Triumphant: Glenn Reynolds Censored From Twitter, Responds, Gets Reinstated

Instapundit’s Twitter ban taught Iowahawk EXACTLY what to do if his car’s ‘surrounded by an angry violent mob’


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