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State Department: Hillary’s Donors “Pay-to-Play” Employment Service has Found Jobs for Many People

(Washington Examiner) – Hillary Clinton placed dozens of her donors on State Department advisory boards between 2009 and 2012, federal records show.

The former secretary of state’s agency appointed 194 donors who had given either to her family’s foundation, her political campaigns, or both, or were affiliated with groups that had.

Those donors represented nearly 40 percent of the 511 advisory appointments the State Department made during Clinton’s tenure.


The donor appointments do not provide evidence of any illegal activity, nor are they unprecedented in an administration.

In fact, presidents and cabinet secretaries from both parties have long rewarded friends and contributors with high-level appointments.

But Clinton has faced fierce criticism for granting access to donors to her family’s foundation while she served as secretary of state. The large number of donors who landed positions on State Department boards raises questions about whether Clinton’s preferential treatment of foundation and campaign contributors went beyond providing them access.


Other donors secured positions for which they seemed ill qualified. Some were closely connected to Clinton’s political past.


Matthew Whitaker, executive director of the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, said the large numbers of donors who received government positions was “not surprising.”

“It appears consistent with all of the other disturbing cases where Clinton Foundation and political donors received special access and treatment,” Whitaker said. “It would be highly unethical to not only give donors special access to the State Department, but actually give them a board position based upon their donor status.”

Meanwhile: Huma Abedin to be Clinton’s Secretary of State, Say Wiki-leaked Emails

Remember, Huma and her family have strong ties and workings with The Muslim Brotherhood. This placement in the Secretary of State seat would completely open this nation’s foreign policy to those nefarious terrorist promoters and accomplices.

Just imagine the level of quid pro quo were this to happen…


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