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Hillary’s Answer to Any/All Questions on Anything: “Donald Trump Doesn’t Know … Trump’s Not Qualified”

When your only response/answer to a basic direct question, that is not a rambling hot mess of self-inflicted ignorance, is, “Well, Trump doesn’t know what to do…”

BTW, Trump has Dr. Ben Carson on his team. Dr. Carson, while still a GOP primary candidate, personally traveled to Syria for a look-see and came back with a basic plan and belief that if the US is going to spend time/money/people helping the Syrians it must be done within Syria by building refugee areas to be protected, and where food/medical aid can be safely brought in by international parties … NOT to bring the tens of thousands of them unvetted into our country, or Europe for that matter. This way the refugees would be more able to re-assimilate in their own country once the conflict(s) were over. To take care of them there inside Syria would cost the US far, far less.


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