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We are Not Safe from Our Enemies Because Our Government Doesn’t Give a Flying F*ck

Kirby stressed “it takes years” vetting these refugees they’re letting in …

Let that sink in, and then ask, as I did loudly this morning in front of the TV, “So, all these over 100 thousand Obama let in this year, with a shit-ton more to go, have spent their time “where” while you’ve “vetted” them, and for how many years again??? Because it damn-well looks pretty friggin instantaneous.”

This is complete bullshit.

Previous: Dangerous and ‘Deplorable’ National Security Breakdown at USCIS

Drudge Report Headlines:

SHOWDOWN: TX threatens to ‘exit’ federal refugee program over terror threat…

State Dept. admits: ISIS terrorists posing as refugees!

NYC bomber received instructions ‘to attack non-believers’…

FBI Release Photos of 2 Unidentified Men Related to Investigation…

Known Wolves: Rahami latest to have fallen off feds’ radar…


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