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Most U.N-Presidential Ever: After 8 Years He’s Grown from ‘Audacity’ to Completely Despicable…


He’s like a train wreck, you can’t seem to look away for too long. Today Barack Obama made his last trip to the UN under the auspices of “the leader of the free world” and once again trashed and shit all over the USA, scolding our greatness and sovereignty.

Make no mistake. This political leech is right now ‘interviewing’ on the world stage for his next job. Everything he’s done with his “pen” and via his unelected and unleashed fed agencies (see: EPA and Dept. of Interior, for starts) these last 8 years in the White House has been plowing and seeding the US soil for his ascension into power on the UN throne and overruling whomever the POTUS in order to rule over us.

Montage: 11 Times Obama Talked Down the U.S. in His Final U.N. Address (Video)

Here are some of the ways Obama told the United Nations America is falling short:

1.In America, there’s too much money in politics.

2.There’s also too much “entrenched partisanship.”

3.Too few Americans are civically engaged.

4.A “patchwork of laws” in America set out to make it hard for Americans to vote.

5.Considering our founding ideals, America has made “our share of mistakes over these last 25 years.”

6.The only way the world will become more secure is for powerful nations like America to “accept constraints.”

7.For believing that all countries must adhere to certain “international norms,” many Americans criticize Obama.

8.Too many in Washington believe all of the problems in the world can be solved by Washington.

9.As president, he’s helped “curb” America’s “excesses of capitalism.”

10.America has “undermined unions,” which has destroyed manufacturing jobs.

11.In calling for greater respect and tolerance, Obama also likened racial discrimination in the U.S. to ethnic discrimination in Burundi and and religious discrimination in Burma.


Obama, in final UN speech, calls for world course correction

“This is the paradox that defines the world today,” Obama said. “We must go forward, and not backward.”


Thanks Obama? Dana Loesch uses Obama’s UN speech to SLAM Hillary, and it’s GLORIOUS


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