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Hillary’s Lack of Focus…

It is obvious she is dealing with the vision aspect(s) of whatever medical condition she and her doctor are trying to hide. However, the above video shows Clinton might be having some muscular eye control as well.

While it might be a little difficult at her age to self-lift those aging bones and joints post-menopause it makes sense her assistance comes when she is stepping up or down from one level to another.


And this one was taken just a couple days ago after her noticeable lack of energy presser on the tarmac the same day as the top video…


… And especially without good lighting. It was pointed out her Secret Service agent used a small flashlight to aid Hillary as she left the DNC convention stage a couple months ago…


A vision problem/issue, whether actual focusing problems or muscular troubles, would make her more susceptible to trips or falls because of the lack of assured depth perception and/or double vision.

We saw just a couple years ago at the Benghazi hearing Hillary wearing a heavy lenses set of eyeglasses after her alleged flu-induced fall resulting in an alleged blood clot. She sports those same eyeglasses on occasion…


It was also noticed her blue tinted sunglasses she was wearing at the now much publicized attendance and sudden exit from the 9-11 anniversary memorial to collapse in the street in New York a couple weeks ago are very much like those used for eye issues as a result of certain medical condition


Curious, to say the least.


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