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Blue Wire or Red Wire?


This election cycle has been very hard, to say the least, for honest thinking conservative republicans. Hell, the last two POTUS election cycles have been extremely difficult to swallow once the GOP primary dust had settled on McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012. Both were generally good men, albeit, not true conservatives willing to see and abide by the US Constitution over the ambitions of big government spending and growth on both sides of the aisle. But both were experienced and in Romney’s case successful at business. Both were well-spoken and polite to a fault that the democrats and the leftist MSM gleefully exploited in their viciousness of the general campaigns.

Neither man represented the conservative caliber of those republicans we conservative voters have been sending into the US Congress since 2010. But as the saying goes, “You go to war with the army you have…”

It’s true. If your political opponent is unelectable when your preferred candidate would be running, said opponent is still unelectable when your party’s candidate was not your first choice. This is why those republicans who not only say they will not vote for Donald Trump, but will vote for Hillary, are so damn repugnant.

Forge ahead to the 2016 general election cycle. Yeah, Trump’s an unconventional politician who comes off like the “Bluto Blutarsky” of candidates (and remember, Bluto’s future profile at the end of “Animal House” notes he became a US Senator). But Hell’s bells, Hillary Clinton is a female “Neidermeyer” and “Dean Wormer” all rolled into one encompassing Mao frock.

We all know what Hillary Clinton has said over the years, and worse, what she has done in her long 30 year career. And we know her family’s “charitable” foundation is nothing but a money laundering operation for them. And yes, Trump has been a self-serving big business tycoon who has admittedly played the system to his advantage in business decisions (who hasn’t, whether in business or our personal tax return long forms?). But that stunning open admission falls hard on the continuing lying and covering up by Clinton (with the help of the Obama administration and the MSM) on more than one front.

Trump will not be a Ronald Reagan. His conservatism is a different shade of red than Reagan’s … But it is not the shade of red Hillary Clinton has planned for this republic. And Trump is taking the stand on the willfully deaf, dumb, and blind establishment politicos and media the vast majority of this nation’s people have been angry about for a longtime now. How Trump will be in the Oval Office is obviously far different than how Hillary would be.

The old adage of knowing what you’re getting as some sort of warped reasoning for going outside your conservative convictions box is, as VDH points out below, suicide…

Victor Davis Hanson @ NRO: Never NeverTrump: The Republican dilemma

Any Republican has a difficult pathway to the presidency. On the electoral map, expanding blue blobs in coastal and big-city America swamp the conservative geographical sea of red. Big-electoral-vote states such as California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey are utterly lost before the campaign even begins. The media have devolved into a weird Ministry of Truth. News seems defined now as what information is necessary to release to arrive at correct views.

In recent elections, centrists, like John McCain and Mitt Romney – once found useful by the media when running against more-conservative Republicans — were reinvented as caricatures of Potterville scoundrels right out of a Frank Capra movie.


In sum, if Trump’s D-11 bulldozer blade did not exist, it would have to be invented. He is Obama’s nemesis, Hillary’s worst nightmare, and a vampire’s mirror of the Republican establishment. Before November’s election, his next outburst or reinvention will once again sorely embarrass his supporters, but perhaps not to the degree that Clinton’s erudite callousness should repel her own.

In farming, I learned there is no good harvest, only each year one that’s 51 percent preferable to the alternative, which in 2016 is a likely 16-year Obama-Clinton hailstorm.

It may be discomforting for some conservatives to vote for the Republican party’s duly nominated candidate, but as this Manichean two-person race ends, it is now becoming suicidal not to.

Yeah, Trump’s “Bluto” … But he’s our Bluto, dammit!


The Trump rebellion against the media

Trump has sit-down with Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in New York


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