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The “Intent” has Always Been There … For Anyone Serious About Investigating and Prosecuting This – UPDATED

America, don’t look to find this in the MSM.

There has always been evidence of “intent” with the destruction of emails and devices. It is purposely being ignored/refused by those who are sworn to uphold and carry out our laws without regard for who the person is or isn’t.

Ace @ AoSHQ: “No Evidence of Criminal Intent.” — Totally Not Corrupt FBI Director James Comey

What it sounds like was that he was trying to change the email address of who sent the emails so that he could say “We have no emails from Hillary Clinton or Jake Sullivan, etc., responsive to your request.”

Then that didn’t work, so break out the BleachBit.


It’s getting serious notice from serious people who take this serious stuff seriously…

Hillary’s IT guy Paul Combetta wouldn’t chat with Congress, but is this suspicious Reddit post talking?


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