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The “Revolution” is Here … Bask in the 1828 Ambience


Bernie Sanders and his supporters proclaimed to be the revolution this country needs. However, that revolution mirrors the Cuban and every other socialist/communist revolution that has not only failed, but horrifically.

We had our very own American Revolution well-over 200 years ago in order to free us from an all powerful dictatorship of the centralized rule of King George. It was not easy, and it was only fulfilled by way of a bloody war between the Patriots who busted their asses her in the Colonies, and the King’s men who did his oppressive bidding to the bitter end of his grip on this promised land and the people who lived it.

But centuries later those who portrayed themselves as our elected representatives and leaders have morphed into long-toothed beasts who constantly seek to carve away our freedoms and liberty, and suck our power from us, leaving us as nothing more than obedient serfs … “deplorables” they despise and revile, just as did King George.

Hillary’s planned legacy of becoming the leader of that ongoing agenda aside, Donald Trump is not the first choice of many who know and realize the dire straights this Republic is in, and the ‘point of no return’ in the very near distance. His political views have flipped and flopped and polka-danced around various sides. We can safely admit the very successful businessman knows how to make a juicy profit, when to hold`em/fold`em, and how to play the system the burgeoning government bureaucracy and its red tape in order to come out in his favor, win or lose for anybody in his way. But that is capitalism, good and bad. It is the economic system the wannabe socialist/communist “Progressives” use as a whipping post every election cycle to degrade and demonize their political opponent(s). However, in this past year with Hillary Clinton being exposed via her criminally reckless email communications, and eight years of watching self-imposed emperor Barack Obama rubbing deep elbows with Wall Street the truth of who exactly are the chronic crony-capitalists is quite evident, and alarmingly so. In addition, if you have not yet realized how these people think of you and bully you into political and ideological silence and submission you are too willfully stupid and ignorant for your own good, and the good of the nation/Republic as you continually lazily drink in the grape-aid and shuffle to the voting booth like zombies.

So, while Trump is not our ideal choice, not being the conservative we can trust to fully fulfill our return to a Founding Fathers version of the US Constitution and a completely representative government with the consent of the governed, he is all we have right now. Maybe he won’t be the reincarnation of Ronald Reagan and George Washington, but dammit, sometimes you have to have a catalyst to clear the road of the wreckage in order to get down it and rebuild.

Look, we don’t want to have the cake and eat it too.
We just want our right(s) back not to bake the damned cake whenever and why-ever we damn well choose!

“Revolution”, all you drooling Millennials and “Progressives”? I got your “revolution” right here

Yes, indeed, it’s a revolutionary situation. It’s peaceful and democratic, to be sure, but, nonetheless, it’s a revolution. Embracing this thrilling new spirit—of the sort never seen, for example, during the McCain or Romney campaigns—Trump opened his speech by nodding to the audience and quipping, “Welcome, all of you deplorables.”

And while it might be a cliche to write, “the crowd went wild,” that’s exactly what happened. Without a doubt, Trump’s use of “deplorables” as a play on the musical Les Misérables—the source of the lyrics above and belowis a first in US politics.

A few other portals covered the “deplorables” angle. The Drudge Report played it big: “Miami Trump frenzy.” And here’s how Mediaite put it: “‘Les Deplorables’: Trump Took the Stage in Miami in the Most Over-the-Top Way Possible.” And Business Insider“Trump walks onstage to theme of ‘Les Miserables,’ greets ‘deplorables’ at his Miami rally.” Fox News was on it, too. As reporter Garrett Tenney said on Saturday morning, “The ‘deplorable” label has become a badge of honor for Trump supporters.”

Yet for the most part, the Main Stream Media studiously ignored the Miami event and all its heavy symbolism. Instead, the MSM had its own agenda, which we can sum up in two words: Destroy Trump


Read the whole thing.


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