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Hillary’s Campaign Goes into Desperation Overdrive


The “easily overheated and dehydrated” Hillary Clinton emerged from her sick bed reupholstered and ready to get serious on the important issues…

So, after an alarming collapse in public at the 9/11 memorial in NYC, Hillary slithers away for a 5 day campaign strategy jam session with her team, then emerges on Thursday refusing to address what happened on Sunday, even in the contradictions of what the public was told about her illness and that includes her family and VP mate who directly contradict the initial statement about those people having been told, and now she’s throwing more of her people under her double-wide bus over that (I know. Makes ya dizzy) … And the best she and her team could come up with was a pandering rebirth of the ‘birther’ BS her 2008 team seeded (because now she is claiming she had nothing to do with it but, you know, some underling in her 2008 primary campaign against Obama sent out a memo and if anyone even remotely connected with her had anything to do with ‘starting’ it, well dammitall, it was THAT guy *thump-thump* go the wheels of the bus … NOT her!)

Oh, and Trump’s fat!

Just a reminder: In the 2008 primary run Geraldine Ferraro was forced to resign Hillary’s campaign after being deemed to have made racist remarks about Obama.

That’s it. That’s all she and her campaign staff of the most brilliant spice navigators in the known universe could come up with after 5 days of passing around the peyote bong?? You know. The 5 days where he’s talked policy and visited black communities. Trump’s a “birther”, and he’s lying about her starting the Obama birther crap that she didn’t start but somebody in the 2008 campaign sent out a memo but it has nothing to do with her, you know.

However, 1/2 of Trump supporters are ‘deplorable’ because David Duke said he supports Trump, and that is ALL on Trump and 1/2 the people who support him. But don’t you friggin’ dare pin the Obama birther thing on Hillary! There is NO ‘guilt by association’ with democrats, dontcha know. Just with republicans, even if the ‘association’ is nothing more than somebody saying they support the GOP candidate. Everybody knows republicans are just racist and stuff… Something tells me her campaign and the democrats are very scared the minority vote is thinking about staying home in November, and of those who bother to go to the polls a decent number will not be voting for her.

So, Hillary, you can stuff all your faux self-righteous indignation over that racist “birther” Donald Trump. Nobody’s buying it. It is nothing but you running scared from your slipping polls, which you believe you can bounce by pandering fake racism to the black voters.

Pathetic. Petty. Desperate. And, quite frankly, rather racist.

However, the connection to Hillary and her inner circle in the 2008 “birther” birth is not so vague and detached from her, as a CNN reporter personally recalls today amid the fog of afterbirth…

Ever notice wherever/whenever there is Clinton trouble Sid’s sticky prints are on it?


Hillary Calls Trump Original ‘Birther,’ But Her Campaign Actually Started It In 2008

Trump: Clinton ‘started the birther controversy’

Clinton’s 2008 campaign manager admits birther connection

Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager Admits 2008 Birther Link

The birther movement is President Obama’s fault

YOWZA. Deplorable Hillary tries to slam Trump on #birtherism, manages to slam herself (not a good visual)


One comment on “Hillary’s Campaign Goes into Desperation Overdrive

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