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The Has Been Bill Ain’t So Slick Anymore


Neither he nor Hillary look or sound good anymore. Decades of political power and wealth greed, wheeling, dealing, lying, cheating and using their positions of government power to fuck-over this nation have revealed this Nosferatu and Wasp Woman for who and what they are, and always have been…


WaPo: In Las Vegas for his wife, Bill Clinton cautions against voting based on ‘road rage’

Subbing for a sick wife, former president Bill Clinton delivered a meandering, folksy speech in this presidential battleground state on Wednesday, arguing that Americans should choose “answers, not anger” and elect his spouse.

Over the course of about 40 minutes, the former president spoke dismissively of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, argued that Donald Trump’s immigration proposals are misguided and suggested that the Republican nominee’s call to “make America great again” was racially tinged code for rolling the clock back 50 years.

Clinton also reported that his wife, who was diagnosed Friday with pneumonia, is on the mend, only he referred to her as having the flu.


Speaking in a state that he carried twice but polls suggest is surprisingly tight this year, Clinton framed the election as a choice between a candidate who’s served others her entire life and is offering solid policy proposals and one who is appealing to a sense of “road rage” in the country.


Speaking of Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again,” he said he was among those who knows what Trump really means — suggesting it’s a reference to a time when the racial order in the country was different.

“You have to be a certain age, and it helps to be a white Southern man — I know what that means,” he said.

The former president knocked the media for having spent so much time covering his wife’s use of a private email server while secretary of state, a practice that he said has yielded nothing disqualifying.


Oh, sure, Willie, that trip to the Arizona tarmac paid off nicely for Hillary, eh? Lying bastard.

And “road rage”???

And then he goes on to ‘fearmongering’ (which only democrats are allowed to do, for some fucking reason) that Trump will be returning the nation to “Whites Only” pre-civil rights era, or some fucking bullshit. Has this shriveled up, Robert KKK Byrd apologist, horn-dogging, good old boy not seen this nation’s college campuses where black students are not only refusing to bunk with white roommates in dorms, but insist on self-segregated blacks only dorms and blacks only’ areas/spaces on campus???

Trump doesn’t have to take this country back to your good-old-boy days in the south, Willie. Obama and his SJW and BLM pals have done a pretty successful job of that racist shit over these last 8 years.

What’s next, Bill? “Trump and the deplorables are gonna put you back in chaaaayuns!!!”?? Does anybody seriously still believe this broken record election year bullshit from democrats.

I am so damn sick and tired of hearing how these two have spent the better part of their adult lives “in service to America”, when they have, and always will be, self-serving political whores who have played all ends against middle America … and they have the wealth and criminal Teflon to show for it.

At some point the old bull and the sagging nag have to realize the rodeo has left them behind in their own clumped-up crap…

Politico: Bill Clinton is no longer the closer: Democrats cast the former president as a B-team surrogate with limited value on the trail.



Medical Community Questions Diagnosis, Treatment…


KATZENBERG: Hillary Is Rock of Gibraltar…


Confirmed! Copies of Hillary’s new book are staying ‘Stronger Together’ (on store shelves)

Add these CNN polls to the list of possible catalysts for @HillaryClinton’s panicked tweetstorm


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