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Colin Powell and Condi Rice: Stumble-off, Hillary, It’s ‘Not Flying’…


Yes, there are some not willing to take the fall for Hillary

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell vented to his associates earlier this year about Hillary Clinton’s attempts to rope him into her defense of her email practices, according to alleged leaked messages reviewed by POLITICO late Tuesday.

“I didn’t tell Hillary to have a private server at home, connected to the Clinton Foundation, two contractors, took away 60,000 emails, had her own domain,” Powell said in one Feb. 4 email to former Reagan White House chief of staff Kenneth Duberstein, in the latest cache of hacked communications among top Washington insiders to emerge in the heat of this year’s presidential campaign.

In a separate email that day to Condoleezza Rice, who succeeded him as George W. Bush’s secretary of state, Powell wrote: “Been on the phone and email all afternoon. Hillary and Elijah Cummings have popped off.”

Two days later, Rice wrote back, “I don’t think Hillary’s — ‘everyone did it,’ is flying.”

Powell also expressed anger and disappointment at being thrown under the Hillary bus…

On another occasion, Powell complained in an email to Lawrence Wilkerson, his former chief of staff.

“HRC and her mishandling of this has really given her a major problem I do not wish to get involved in, despite the best efforts of her team to drag me in,” Powell wrote on Sept. 7, 2015.


Rice also said that the “Wall Street Journal had an excellent editorial this morning,” presumably referring to one published online the night before under the headline “Clinton’s False Email Equivalence.” The subtitle of the editorial was, “Hillary tries to wrap Powell and Rice into her email security breach.” […]


Powell warned Clinton not to make him fall guy over email scandal, leaked messages reveal

Colin Powell Urged Hillary Clinton’s Team Not to Scapegoat Him for Her Private Server, Leaked Emails Reveal


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