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Well, He IS The Almighty Emperor, You Know…


From The Daily Caller:

A moment of silence remembering the September 11 victims at a Pentagon memorial service began early in order to accommodate a restless President Obama, a Department of Defense official told The Daily Caller.

A source close to the situation told TheDC that Obama arrived early to the memorial service — which took place at the Pentagon — and wanted to get things started early.

A Department of Defense official confirmed that the moment of silence was moved up a few minutes and that Obama was the one who made the decision, saying the president “moved early.”

The moment of silence was originally slotted to take place at 9:37 AM — the time at which the Pentagon was attacked on September 11 — but ended up taking place a few minutes early.

After the moment of silence, President Obama gave a speech about the need to honor the 3,000 victims of September 11.


Derbra Burlingame @ Facebook was there and confirms this:

This is true. I was confused…looked down at my watch. Now I know why. Obama probably wanted to watch football.

Debra’s not wrong. I would imagine Barry didn’t want to miss those overpaid NFL players taking a knee and disrespecting our National Anthem on the 15th anniversary of the most deadly and horrific attack on our nation.

Burlingame also had this to say about Obama’s speech:

This speech was offensive to me from top to bottom. And Obama read it cold, as if someone handed it to him in the limo on the way over from the White House. Standing there with me were dozens of 9/11 relatives wearing red, white and blue ribbons. But also, men and women wearing blue ribbons, who numbered just as many, maybe more. These were the survivors, and rescuers. The people who were in that building 15 years ago, many of whom got out by the grace of God, or because of a hero who risked his life, maybe died saving them and others.

The Pentagon was a fire so hellacious, the equivalent of five buildings, fed by tens of thousands of gallons of viscous jet fuel and the same wood, paper, curtains, and carpet that fed the fire at the World Trade Center that it burned for 24 hours at temperatures exceeding 1,500 degrees. An entire section collapsed 18 minutes after the jet penetrated the buildilng.

But Obama’s speech writer–perhaps one of those “lazy Americans” Obama recently complained about in Laos, wrote a speech which suggested he went online and simply Googled, “9/11 heroes.” So here’s what Obama had to say to the Pentagon families and the physically/emotionally-scarred survivors who risked everything for their fellow human beings:

“As I mark this solemn day with you for the last time as President, I think of Americans whose stories I’ve been humbled to know these past eight years — Americans who, I believe, embody the true spirit of 9/11.

It’s the courage of Welles Crowther, just 24 years old, in the South tower — the man in the red bandana who spent his final moments helping strangers to safety before the towers fell. It’s the resilience of the firehouse on Eighth Avenue — patriots who lost more than a dozen men, but who still suit up every day as the “Pride of Midtown.” It’s the love of a daughter — Payton Wall of New Jersey — whose father, in his last moments on the phone from the towers, told her, ‘I will always be watching over you.'”

Get it? It was all those acts of courage…at the World Trade Center…which Obama wants us to believe he was thinking about as he stood just a few feet away from where a jumbo jet hit the building at 530 mpr 15 years ago and rained horror down on those people standing in right in front of him. I wanted to yell out: “Talk about the heroes at the Pentagon!”

I’ll let you read the rest of his speech if you can stand it. It’s all this stuff about our “patchwork heritage” and not letting ISIS stoke fear and divide us as nation. No, Mr. President. This is what you don’t get. Terrorist attacks UNITE us as a nation. You, not ISIS, are the devisive element who repeatedly tries to stoke resentment among us, to create enough anger that we that we’ll “turn on each other” in service of your project to “change who we are or how we live.”
I would rather have spent the hour simply listening to the US Military Band play….America the Beautiful, Amazing Grace, and then Fanfare to the Common Man than be subjected to your shallow, cliche-ridden performance….still crowing about Bin Laden’s death and the “devastating blows to Al Qaeda,” like a mental deficient operating on muscle memory, while the chaos around the world continues to spread.

Debra Burlingame is the sister of Charles “Chick” Burlingame who was the pilot of American Airlines Flight 77 that hit the Pentagon on 9/11/01 after terrorists killed her brother and the co-pilot and flew it into the building.


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