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The America-phobic Clintons: This Is What They Really Think About Us

Obama had his “bitter clingers”. Hillary apparently has worked long and hard for a name for her opposition voters … A “basket of deplorables”

This brief clip of Hillary addressing hers and the room’s belief about Americans who do not share their ideology strikingly remindeds me of the TV movie “Conspiracy” where the Nazis sat around a dinner table of fine wine and elaborate food while casually discussing and planning what would become the Holocaust.

And we thought Barack Obama’s disdain and hatred for Americans was the height of political class contempt. As we get closer to election day just a couple short months away, the Clintons and her warped sphere of “Progressive” minions are attacking Hillary’s opponent, Trump, by hacking and bludgeoning away at that near 50% who are supporting him, and not her highness…

Hillary’s flatualating brain “47% moment”: Last night, at a posh fundraising event in front of limo-lib elites hosted by uber limo-lib elitist Barbra Streisand in a room filled with others (who have made their millions and fame off the pockets of the American worker and consumer) who think the rest of this hardworking middle class nation are unwashed laughable buffoons not worthy of even their slightest consideration, Hillary Clinton strongly agreed with them … to a resounding applause. She and they firmly believe you Americans are a ‘basket of deplorables’. By the way, Hillary’s “basket” includes this nation’a active military and military veterans. So, chew on that. And while you’re at it, was she talking about “you”? Hmmm? Because the collective of Trump supporters are not buying her designation of “half”.

And while this is being filtered as: Hillary: A Quarter Of America Is ‘Irredeemable,’ ‘Not America’

The fact remains the nation is pretty closely and evenly divided between Trump and Clinton supporters, and those not in that subtle mathematical division of Hillary’s last night to “half” the Trump supporters, ALL the Trump supporters heard the false witness gaffe this brain damaged, hateful, criminal, treasonous hag inflicted on those who are determined to vote Trump, and not her, in November. The other fact is that Americans, when polled, deem Hillary far, far less trustworthy and honest than they do Donald Trump. And so she uses her hidden-illness strained voice to drag us through her muddy path in front of a room filled with people who wouldn’t give us the time of day, let alone believe we have the right to be left alone to bring our bank accounts up to the balance of theirs. These, here in this room, are the “rich” who Clinton and her ilk, including these inebriated betters, insist are not paying their fair share. Far more individuals of wealth and celebrity are being busted for back taxes than the demonized corporations and big banks. These same ingrates have no issues/problems with Hillary having taken millions from these Wall Street devils in speaking fees and political donations. The hypocrisy is so deep with these people it’s no wonder Hillary chokes mid-sentence on her own words while speaking.

Not to worry. Hillary is far from done. She will continue to ramp-up this sort of disgusting rhetoric aimed at Jane and Joe Americans who are Trump supporters/voters. This will be to Trump’s advantage, however, as Americans who support him will not be deterred but emboldened, and those who are well beyond sick and tired of such political bullshit and treatment from the establishment politics and politicians in this nation will be jumping down off the proverbial fence and moving to Trump, not her.

This from the queen of a political party that depends on the felon and illegal alien vote.

Then there was her sickly husband that apparently has a problem these days putting together a thought to sentence in his weak speeches at her campaign rallies. He too is using the demeaning and demonizing of rank and file working class Americans…

Even though Bill used the same slogan, Make America Great Again, over and over again and again, he suggests Donald Trump and his supporters’ use of it is a racist “dog whistle” … This from the horndog philanderer and rapist…

But we are being told by the “Progressive” language overlords the slogan is good when used by democrat candidates, but means a return to the ‘good ole days’ of slavery and pre-civil rights era. Uh-huh. Fuck you. As for Slick Willie, he has always lived by both sides of his mouth, especially when addressing or practicing tone and tenor

At last, Bill Clinton could not help himself.

He paced the stage during a speech on Tuesday in North Carolina, holding his microphone close. He raised his left index finger. And at once, the meandering address turned sharply, and without prompting, to his charitable foundation, a magnet for criticism in recent weeks.

“We live in a Snapchat-Twitter world,” Mr. Clinton lamented, tilting his head theatrically — a septuagenarian embracing his age, decades after reveling in saxophone cool.

“It’s so much easier,” he said, “just to discredit people and call them names.”

For Mr. Clinton and his extended circle, this election has at times felt like a campaign devised to discredit the former president and call him names.

Oh sure, Bill’s family foundation is not only as crystal clean as the driven-snow, but don’t you dare question his beloved wife’s linking its fundraising to her tenure at the State Department while operating under pay-for-play and quid pro quo, especially with foreign countries/entities. How damn dare you, you dregs!

So, yeah, you ignorant coal folk, along with any other sweaty blue collar worker(s) who dare not get in line and go along with the democrat candidate, are just plain fools and idiots…

You all are just supposed to STFU and become unemployed and destitute for the gaddamm socialist cause, dontcha know!!

Hillary’s basket case is being strongly defended by her circle of sycophants in this morning after glow of yawing down mimosas and puffing on cigarettes while licking their fingers through the NYTimes, and all of this lizard skin reveal of her and her minions comes closely on the scuffed heels of Barack Obama repeatedly calling Americans “lazy” while in Asia this week.

America, I don’t know about the rest of you but I, for one, am beyond violently ill and tired of these “Progressive” elites beating down on me and my great nation, taking advantage of and for granted the black and Hispanic vote, and drumming into the women vote that we females are identified first and foremost by our completely free and open ability to practice infanticide in the womb. And if you are any of these ‘groups’ and you do not support the democrats, or Hillary Clinton, you have your heritage/identity stripped/skinned from you and you are pitched into Hillary’s, and Barbra Streisand’s, ‘basket of deplorables.’

Did Hillary disqualify herself from the presidency when she said this? YOU make the call!

In the weeks ahead we shall see just how badly Hillary has hurt herself…

Heavy lifting required! Laura Ingraham unpacks HILLARY’S sizable ‘basket of deplorables’


Will “Basket of Deplorables” become the new “47 Percent”?

Should it get the “47 percent” treatment? Yes, perhaps even more deservedly than Romney; his (misguided) remarks were about specific tax and safety-net policies, not accusing tens of millions of Americans of bigotry simply for not supporting him. Will it? No, and for one unassailable reason — the media will never start that same kind of feeding frenzy around Hillary. They’ll cover it initially, perhaps even noting what a foolish misstep it was as Don Lemon did in the CNN clip, but very quickly the media narrative will turn to whether Republicans are “pouncing” and “overplaying their hand.” Don’t be surprised if that shift occurs as soon as tomorrow morning’s news shows.

That doesn’t mean that Team Trump has to let it go, though. If they’re smart and well organized, they will soon start pushing “basket” memes of their own — ads that feature the kind of people about which Salena reported, normal folks who don’t want business as usual in Washington and sneering elites insulting them. Candidates for the Senate and House should do the same, and the RNC should make it a major theme of the cycle. If played properly, this could be the biggest gift basket Team Hillary will provide Republicans in 2016.

Trump closes in on Clinton’s projected electoral lead: Reuters/Ipsos Poll

Democrats wonder and worry: Why isn’t Clinton far ahead of Trump?

LOL! Here’s how the WaPo editorial board MIGHT handle Hillary’s #BasketOfDeplorables controversy

Trump rips media for mocking Christians

Entire Media Freaks Out After Trump Over-Performance in Forum


One comment on “The America-phobic Clintons: This Is What They Really Think About Us

  1. Well done, Maggie! Right on the button. Proud to call you friend!


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