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Hillary ‘Warns’ the Media … Media Cowers


Well, the Clinton – MSM relationship has always been that of the MSM removing their neckties and prostrating themselves on the bed, begging to be tied down …

And this morning, after the usual campaign and various sycophant suspects pissed their pants over NBC’s Matt Lauer daring to ask her tough(er) questions about her emails last night, this was some of the media/Hillary thrusting and parrying today…

Matt Lauer Accused Of Sexism For Interrupting Hillary Too Much

Liberals pulverize Matt Lauer for not challenging Trump at presidential forum

‘Ice cold’: Team Hillary targets Matt Lauer in new fundraising email

Hillary Clinton Holds First Press Conference In 278 Days, Media Doesn’t Ask Her About Email Scandal – Update: Foreign Media Asks Her About FBI Testimony As She Walks Away, Says “Read The Reports”…

… and sometimes a Clinyon will tell you ‘I love you’ while biting your lip



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