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Hillary Clinton: Girl With A Pearl


This woman needs TSA-style frisking before every debate, and when she finally returns from her lengthy bathroom break(s). I wonder who was on the other end of that device. If her people come out and say it was nothing more than a hearing aid then her health issues just got bigger, in my opinion. She has a habit of forgetting it, I guess:

We’ll wait for this to go viral…. While we wait, I wonder if she used one during her “harrowing” and “heroic” 11 hours of questioning and testimony at the Benghazi hearing. I would bet if Trump pulled out his hankie last night the MSM and the left would be accusing him of having scribbled crib notes on it and demanding to see it.

Last night NBC held a sort of forum with the two candidates in the 2016 POTUS race, but not a debate as they were brought out separately to face NBC anchor Matt Lauer to discuss national security issues as Commander-in-Chief.

Liberals were pissed at uber liberal Matt Lauer for his questioning Hillary Clinton about her emails and didn’t push more on Trump and the ‘Iraq war'(?!?). Note to the left, Trump has never been in a position of power and decision making to have done anything regarding the Iraq war, or any other national issue. Hillary Clinton has, in addition to a plethora of other foreign policy screw-ups she directly made. But they cite Trump’s agreeing with the Iraq invasion on a radio talk show in 2002 and his opposition stance to it today. But as liberals are willingly working with only 1/3 a brain capacity, cannot comprehend he still had nothing to do with any aspect of the invasion and war in Iraq. Hillary, on the other hand, did vote for the invasion and she today is given a pass for claiming it was a mistake to do so.

Meanwhile, in the questioning of her emails last night, Hillary brought out a new lie to defend her practices while Secretary of State, which will be roundly debunked today by many:

On Wednesday evening, Clinton appeared to offer a slightly revamped defense, telling NBC anchor Matt Lauer that “there were no headers” on any of her emails indicating the information was classified.

“I have a lot of experience dealing with classified material,” Clinton said. “[C]lassified material has a header which says ‘top secret,’ ‘secret,’ ‘confidential.’”

She added: “Nothing — and I will repeat this and this is verified in the report by the Department of Justice — none of the emails sent or received by me had such a header.”

Uh-huh, Hillz…

But while these loopy libs just can’t tolerate hearing a woman who has gone nearly a year without a serious presser (especially where she didn’t suck up the time with a coughing jag) and has only sat in for a few friendly scripted interviews, the American people deserved to see her questioned directly about her massive email failures and lies. You see, in this day and age the cyber aspect of communication and data storage is a national security issue, and this woman directly and resoundingly proved she failed when she was in that position and should never again be trusted in a position of such. So, yes, her email does matter. And this morning the democrats are trying very hard to throw former Secretary of State Colin Powell under the bus on Hillary’s bad email habits. That too shall be put in proper perspective.

Herridge – Clinton Lies, Espionage Further Exposed, Dissent At The FBI

Say, does (SBU) follow or precede (C) in the alphabet?

And yet, James Comey keeps insisting that the FBI didn’t find anything actionable in its investigation. The only way that could possibly be true is if he wasn’t interested in finding anything from the very beginning.

Clinton email compromised in hostile cyberattacks

And FBI Director James Comey is sloppily defending his having released Clinton/FBI email documents last Friday in a holiday weekend docu-dump that would be buried in the news, if reported at all. Judge Andrew Napolitano reacts to recent information about Hillary Clinton’s interview the FBI and says the agency was “shackled” (video)

But it’s all bullshit by design. Always with these assholes. They are barking this morning over the email questioning, when one of the bigger issues being passed-over is Hillary’s gaffe about ground troops:

Well, I guess her brain injury has her memory wiped of that fact as well.

Or how about asking Hillary about her “reset” with Russia as S-o-S, because she this morning is slamming Trump’s remarks about how we should be working with Putin to defeat ISIS. And how about her having praised Syria’s Assad as a “reformer”? No, the issue is how Trump believes the Iraq war in hindsight is now a mistake.
We are expected to completely ignore, and don’t dare revisit, Hillary Clinton’s very active past in these issues and focus on Trump’s inactive opinions. How about the Iran deal she founded that now looks like a major “punked” episode?

And the morning after Hillary is now alarmed and worried that Trump will be getting the ISIS vote as she stupidly points out the terror group is saying it would be great if he were the next POTUS? Honey, you’re worried about ISIS’s opinions on this US election? Perhaps one of the reasons why you’re so strident in your answer about ‘no troops on the ground’ is because YOU armed ISIS (perhaps indirectly via Syrian “rebels”) in your deadly weapons-running operation in Benghazi and know our troops will be facing those weapons, and YOU don’t want that pointed out much like it is pointed out in murders here from yours and Holder’s deadly “Fast and Furious” gun-walking program. And she is berating him about his military generals comments of last night. Well, those Generals and other experienced US military brass either fired or forced into retirement over these last near-8 years by Obama have not been reached for comment(s), Hillary…

Truth be told, Lauer’s segment spent on her emails with her were to avoid getting into such fingerprinted issues with her and this morning after faux outrage is all to throw her cover. If Lauer were actually serious about Clinton’s email issue he would have addressed the recent reveal about her multiple communication devices she used while S-o-S, and those “BleachBit” scrubbed, or crushed with a hammer, or simply ‘missing’, in addition to her and her operatives deleting these emails after the US Congress asked for them twice. I mean, if in this morning’s sunlight the Hillary camp under the auspices of Rep. Cummings dangling of Colin Powell’s emails 8 years ago to Hillary let’s highlight this from Powell:

“If it is public that you have a Blackberry,” he said, “it may become an official record and subject to the law.”



At Forum, Hillary Forgets Benghazi, Claims ‘We Did Not Not Lose a Single American’ in Libya

Vet to Hillary: I’d be in prison for doing what you did with classified information

Those are at best half-truths, and at points flat-out lies. At least some of the classified information on e-mail chains in which Hillary participated did have markings, specifically “(C)” for CONFIDENTIAL. She told the FBI that she thought it was an alphabetical marking, an absurd explanation made even more absurd by the presence of “(SBU)” markings on other paragraphs. Moreover, the “unclassified system” in question was Hillary’s own creation, for which she had no authorization, and the reason people used it was because she refused to get an e-mail account on an official State Department e-mail system.

On top of all of that, as the veteran could have reminded her, a security clearance comes with the responsibility to recognize when information might be classified and to take corrective action when put out into the clear…..

Hillary’s answer to this question insults the years of service this veteran provided to the US, and everyone else’s intelligence.


Can you hear him NOW?! James Woods BLASTS Hillary over odd ‘earpiece’ #HillaryEarPiece

Hillary’s Classified Info Defense Has Evolved — AGAIN


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