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To Be Absolutely Clear: Rep. Jason Chaffetz : “These are federal records, not Hillary Clinton’s emails…”

“It seems that the Clintons are a little bit afraid of the Courts, but not so afraid of Congress” – Rep. Jason Chaffetz

I get so sick and tired of people

1.) defending Hillary on this multi-pronged, crucial issue by insting she’s answered all their questions and there was nothing worng done by her, and these tens of thousands of questionable and/or missing/deleted emails were her personal/private property. No. If you do national/official/federal business on any device that device and ALL it’s traffic contents are federal records for the feds to decide what is and isn’t personal and official, not the user.

2.) and if I hear one more Hillary ass-kissing-covering sick-o-phant insisting FBI Director James Comey found she hadn’t done anything wrong and hey, by the way, he’s a “republican”, you know, and republicans love(d) him, etc., I’m going to make a bonfire with my computers and TVs. What the fuck does that have to do with anything? According to these same people republicans are all wicked evil and corrupt, so….


Never forget, during the 9/11 hearings Clinton operative Sandy Berger deliberately went into the National Archives, intentionally and illegally stole and destroyed federal documents in an effort to cover-up something in the pre-9/11 Clinton administration that strongly presumably was related to something that administration did (or didn’t do) ahead of that attack … or maybe even something else the Clintons did not want exposed. Looking back and to this point now, it seems Hillary ‘learned’ from that experience to set up a private server and assume/presume any/all traffic on it, personal or official/federal/national, were her supreme sole property to do with what she wanted, laws, and her signed official document at the beginning of her tenure as S-o-S that she understood and would abide by the rules and regulations concerning any and all documents transpiring with her office were to be turned over at the end of her tenure, be damned. This whole thing was a massive calculation by this woman and her underlings from the start. The timeline Chaffetz lays out proves that.

Therein is your “intent”, Director Comey.

Hillary Clinton Defends Not Knowing State Department Classification Markings

Hillary Signed She Received Briefing on Classified Info, But Told FBI She Hadn’t

Revealed Hillary Clinton’s Agreement – Swore Not To Do What She Did, Expose America’s Secrets To The World

As it turns out, the same type of non-disclosure document required of all State Department employees was in fact also required for their former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Her record keeping and communication system was unique but the requirement for the security of information was not.


And there are those democrat members of Congress and the hearing committee culpable in Clinton’s cover-up:

‘We wired it’: Emails suggest Clinton aide stage-managed Benghazi hearing questions

Assange says Clinton leaks might come as early as next week

Julian Assange: “Under Obama an epidemic has developed of abusing nat’l. security laws to crack down on…legitimate uses of 1st Amendment.”


EmailGate and the Mystery of the Missing GAMMA: Hillary Clinton’s ‘unclassified’ email included highly classified NSA information—why didn’t the FBI mention this fact?

Even Worse Than Hillary Clinton’s Emails: The civil service was missing in action. We learned about the emails from a hacker.

Judge gives State until after election to release some Clinton docs

Glenn Reynolds:

When FBI Director James Comey declined to prosecute the former Secretary of State for mishandling classified information, he said that although she was extremely careless, there was no criminal intent. That was a bit iffy, since the statute governing mishandling of classified information doesn’t require intent. But the new information indicates that Hillary is either criminal, or criminally incompetent. Or maybe both.


Emails show coordination between Clinton, Congress at Benghazi hearing

Trump says latest FBI document dump ‘disqualifying’ for Clinton

Ouch: Vox comes out against government transparency with see-through results

Hillary Used Unshielded Phone, Didn’t Sign Exit Documents

The State Department’s spokeswoman dodged and ducked Thursday when she was asked if Hillary Clinton had signed routine document-preservation paperwork when she left the agency.

The paperwork requires departing employees to say they have “surrendered to responsible officials all unclassified documents” relating to their work.

If Clinton didn’t sign the document, she’ll have provided another legal stick to her critics who say she corruptly mixed government and private business while serving as secretary of state.

“Secretary Clinton like all officials here in this building when they depart or separate from office has to sign something called a Form OF-109,” a reporter asked spokeswoman Jen Psaki Thursday. “It’s a separation statement declaring that when you leave office you’re turning in over not just classified materials but any documents for official purposes. Did she sign it?”

“I think this has been asked,” Psaki responded. “It was more than two years ago.”

“I don’t have an update on that specific question at this point,” she said.


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