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“The Most Qualified and Experienced” … You Mean Like a Crime Boss?


Ace @ AoSHQ wonders WTF Hillary spit into her glass over the weekend during her 4 minute coughing eruption. Well, she was in Ohio, so, must’ve been a Cicada … Or a hock-a-loogie …. Or a Hall’s, or 2 … I don’t know, myself, but I do know she should have had the common sense to turn her back for that moment. And I do know Tim Kaine looked to be a useless and inept idiot not jumping up to the microphone to give her those moments to step off stage and finish the coughing jag and collect herself and her voice.

Either way, this growling from the MSM and others about how it’s wrong to question this woman’s health, not just for these more and more frequent and prolonged severe coughing and hacking jags, but for her recently divulged “mental/memory” issues in recalling even the most routine of actions/duties/business as Secretary of State. Mind you, this is after weeks of this same brow-beating MSM and talking-heads spending time amateurishly psychoanalyzing Donald Trump as one french fry short of being straight-jacketed and institutionalized on a thioridazine IV on wide-open drip. But we cannot question Hillary Clinton’s admitted health/injury related memory lapse while serving at the State Department that put this nation’s security at risk, as well as her own integrity resulting from her and her minions’ acute cover-up of her email and scheduling calendar?

I’m not much of a Hollywood fanatic, but there are those performers I don’t mind watching on the screen, like Renee Zellweger. But I happened upon an interview article today where, of course, the world cannot go on without the celebrity expressing a high brow political opinion— actually, more like a sermon to the unwashed, that we hear coming out of these self-pampered types:

She’s more than willing to chat about politics (“to boring degrees, at the expense of everyone around me”) and why she’s supporting Hillary Clinton (“There’s never been anyone better prepared in our lifetime”) over Donald Trump (“The language that he uses perpetuates a particular way of communicating that standardizes cruelty and mean-spiritedness as a culture norm”).

I keep hearing the reasoning to vote for Hillary Clinton because “It’s time we had a female POTUS”, or vagina something, and how she she has the “most experience … better prepared” … 30 years worth of this much vaunted “experience”, oh, and selfless public service slop. So what? What, exactly, has she actually produced in those 30 years, aside from self-promotion/wealth? Outside her inner circle of accomplices, how many jobs has she created, how many things has she built (outside the Clinton Foundation), and is there really anything concrete to witness such? “Oh, she’s the smartest woman and the best qualified to be POTUS.” Really? Why? Because we heard the same lofty bullshit about temporary state senator, temporary senator (never completing either terms and building his next campaign for the other while in office), “community organizer” Barack Obama. And back then, as Hillary Clinton in the 2008 democrat primary offered us, his birth certificate was in high question and he smoked weed in college and hung out with the commie crowd was some of the worst that could be said of the un-vetted empty-suit. But Hillary Clinton, well, Hillary does have a record of 30 years of scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal, and yes, guilt by association and enabling where her husband’s failures of integrity are concerned.

From her time as fledgling lawyer on the Watergate case, to the Rose Law firm, to her incredible financial gains in a questionable cattle investments, to the missing FBI files, to everything she and her then POTUS husband and his worker bees did for 8 years, including the last minute pardons before leaving office with all the “W” keys off the various government property keyboards and some pricey White House furniture and accessories. Then there is their carpetbagging to New York to set up homesteading so she could run for the US Senate, in addition to all that went into … ALL … creating the Clinton Foundation via outlandish speaking fees for herself and her husband, and quid-pro-quo collecting of foreign money while sitting on her ass in the State Department during which time she fucked-up the Middle East and 4 Americans were murdered as she abandoned the group she had sent to Benghazi to run weapons into Syria that ISIS now utilizes … and the huge scandal of covering it all up.

Well, her sidecar Tim Kaine thinks Hillary’s da bomb too

Everything the woman has ever touched has turned to shit, except her family bank account under the guise of the foundation. She’s “most qualified” all right, if you mean to run the criminal syndicate that has become the federal government in Washington DC.

Yeah, she’s the most fucking experienced and qualified.
So was Al Capone … but eventually his ass was finally sent to the slam.

Spare us.


McCain on Hillary’s Smashed Phones: ‘What Kind of Backwoods Mafia Thing Is This?!’


One comment on ““The Most Qualified and Experienced” … You Mean Like a Crime Boss?

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