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Election 2016: Who is Supporting the Players…

Goldman Sachs’ top 1% employees can’t donate to Trump

You really can’t make this shit up … Goldman Sachs claims it doesn’t want to look like it’s picking sides or be accused of a ‘pay-to-play’, however— Donations to Hillary’s campaign still good-to-go…
It’s time Trump started demanding the release of transcripts of Hillary’s very pricey speeches to the mega bank, and others on Wall Street.

Barack Obama Spends Another $10 Mil of Taxpayer Dollars to Register New Immigrant Voters … Quickly

Mark Levin: I’m voting for Trump

Ed Morrissey: In the end, #NeverHillary takes a higher priority than #NeverTrump. Mark Levin told his listeners last night that he would cast his ballot for Donald Trump, but only at the end of an exasperated description of Trump’s failings. Regardless, Levin explains, only two candidates have a realistic chance of becoming the next president of the United States, and the alternative is even worse…

I came to the same conclusion as Mark did two weeks ago, for the same reason. In fact, we ended up in almost precisely the same place — disclosing our choice but refusing to act as apologists for Trump or to engage in fantasy along the way on behalf of the Republican nominee. The truth is that the American people chose the two worst candidates for the position during the major-party primaries, and we have been left with the most stark “lesser of two evils” choice in my lifetime.

The real challenge will be picking up the pieces after the election. And that will be true no matter who wins. We’ll face fewer challenges without the Clintons back in the White House, but don’t think for a moment that those challenges won’t be profound with a Trump victory, too.

Communist Party USA Endorses Hillary; Media Yawns

Apparently the DMN are also okay with supporting the communist-backed candidate: Dallas Morning News breaks GOP endorsement streak, backs Clinton

Poll: Trump Leads Clinton Among Military and Veteran Voters by Double Digits

Florida: Trump 44, Clinton 43, Johnson 5, Stein 1, McMullin 1

Arizona: Clinton 35, Trump 34

Prominent Ohio Democrat Mayor Endorses Donald Trump


Go On and Scoot Now: Amy Schumer’s promise is just what Donald Trump needs to winMadonna Finally Endorses Cousin Hillary Clinton After Bashing Donald Trump’s Sons — What’d She Say?

Republicans On Capitol Hill Gain Confidence In Trump

Bakery refuses to write ‘Trump 2016’ on cake

NRA endorses Democrat Koster, not Republican, for governor

What’s going on with the Senate races?

Buckle Up, Folks:

Paperless voting could fuel ‘rigged’ election claims: Amid Democratic fears of hackers and Trump’s warnings about “cheating,” some key states still rely on electronic voting machines that lack a paper trail.


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