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Chart of The Day: Big Government Jobs vs. Manufacturing Jobs by Nearly 10 Million


When you hear a candidate, or an administration, say they are going to “create jobs” or “grow jobs” it is NOT what you think, especially if these politicians are Progressive democrats…

Government Workers Now Outnumber Manufacturing Workers by 9,932,000

The ratio of government to manufacturing workers will depress you

Why should we care? Because with very few exceptions in aerospace and a few other niche endeavors, the government doesn’t actually produce anything. It’s a necessary function in a democratic republic and you need people to keep it running, but it’s not really contributing anything to the general productivity of the nation. In fact, too much of government’s role is to actually retard productivity in the private sector courtesy of our endless chain of regulatory agencies.

But now government employment has left actual productive jobs in the dust. And the way things are going I wouldn’t expect that to change any time soon.


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