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‘Honestly’, What Difference Does It Make?


David French @ National Review:

Americans cannot believe a single word that comes out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth. She does what she wants, says whatever she needs to escape the news cycle (or federal prosecution), and proceeds right on with her march to power. Even worse, she’s consistently done so with the willing and enthusiastic participation and cooperation of the vast majority of the progressive media. As a colleague noted, where’s the “Against Hillary” edition of an esteemed liberal publication?

Given the stunning incompetence and mendacity of her GOP opponent, this person is likely the next POTUS. After prolonged exposure to her corruption (which isn’t tempered by any of her husband’s charm or political talent), Americans will either be exhausted by the drama or so thoroughly hardened to dishonesty and scandal that our politics will be debased for a generation. She is the living symbol of the corruption of our elite and the rotting of our politics. May her reign be mercifully brief.


One comment on “‘Honestly’, What Difference Does It Make?

  1. Well… For the last couple of days and maybe longer, Trump is doing pretty well. He goes into a church in Detroit and I like the way he managed himself. If the news media would report these things, he might be doing better.
    I know he was impolite and unpleasant through most of the race. But he is doing better now.
    I think at the moment it is time to accept that he is all we’ve got and hope that this Trump is the real one. I never thought I would say this because I was with NR and The Club for Growth about him when so many good people were in the running, but Trump is growing on me.
    I liked his immigration speech. I like how he spoke and behaved in that church in Detroit. And I always liked his mocking of political correctness and taking back our language.
    If he could only understand that his trade ideas are all wrong and if he can keep behaving like a normal person, perhaps even David French would be willing to accept him.
    Johnson says lots of things I like, but his libertarian ideas about the world do not sit well with me. I would like Trump to talk to him and learn about the Fair Tax and perhaps Johnson could make Trump a better candidate. And I would like Johnson to be offered a good job in a perspective Trump administration and, wishful thinking, I would like Johnson to be persuaded to drop out of the race.
    And why Hillary remains popular with so many americans mystifies me and does not speak well for the discernment of so many.


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