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To Hell with National Security: A Year Later Obama Reaches His Promised 10K Refugee Goal


Last year at this time Barack Obama had insisted the U.S. would be accepting 10,000 Syria “refugees”. Well, a year later he has met that goal … despite the cold hard fact for over the last year the DHS, the FBI, the CIA, Congress members in Washington, and others have admitted there is no reliable way to assure that individuals coming from Syria are properly checked. And this is in the face of Germany’s/Europe’s growing problems with “refugees’ in general, not to mention those terrorists who have become deadly active after being embedded within those thousands of refugees that have flooded Europe’s borders over this last year.

But relax, the Obama administration, right down to the White House SPOX Josh Earnest is defending the administration’s “vetting process”, whatever the fuck that is. I would wager “breathing” is the primary criteria.

Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit: “They take longer to “vet” documents for FOIA requests.”

And so, where will these “refugees” who refuse to assimilate…

The top destination for Syrian refugees arriving in the U.S. is the state of Michigan.

And if you read the comments at this link many who are citizens in the financially-strapped and crime-ridden state of Michigan, particularly Detroit and other large failing cities therein, are not happy with this.

More than a 10th of the 10,000 Syrians admitted this fiscal year at the urging of the Obama administration are headed there, according to State Department figures.

Most of the 1,036 new arrivals are likely to settle in and around Detroit, which has long been a magnet for Arab immigrants.

This despite the fact that Michigan’s Republican Gov. Rick Snyder suspended efforts last November …


Close on Michigan’s heels is California, which has taken in 1,030 Syrians between Oct. 1 of last year and Aug. 29, the federal figures show.

Arizona and Texas, two red states led by Republican governors who have flat-out said they don’t want Syrian refugees because they supposedly pose a security risk, are next on the list having taken in 766 and 735 people, respectively, the figures show.

Those states were followed by Pennsylvania (600), Illinois (569), Florida (542) and New York (538), the figures show.

… while they have no problems or issues with sucking down our already horribly overgrown federal government entitlements and our damn tax dollars? You see, Obama is not finished, as he has pledged another 10K Syrian “refugees” into the U.S…

But equally troubling, perhaps, should be the cost that refugees will impose on taxpayers. In addition to the upfront costs of transporting the refugees and setting them up in communities across the country, they — unlike other immigrants — can immediately receive a full range of social welfare benefits from the federal government.

Robert Rector, a scholar at The Heritage Foundation, has estimated that the total net cost of resettling a single refugee from the Middle East is about $130,000 a year, or $130 million a year for the 10,000 who have entered since the start of the current fiscal year in October.

That is in line with an analysis last year by the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington-based think tank that used data on Middle Eastern refugees from the Office of Refugee Resettlement to estimate the average per-person cost over five years is $64,370 — for a total of $643.7 million for the 10,000 Syrians who came this fiscal year. And that figure is likely to be nearly the same for the next 10,000 Syrians who would come to the United States next year, as Obama has pledged.


And the costs could be even higher, because Camarota’s report did not attempt to estimate the costs borne by taxpayers for children that the refugees might have. Using birth rates of Middle Eastern Muslims as a baseline, Camarota made a back-of-the-envelop guess that as many as 1,200 children might be born to refugees during their first five years in the United States. All would be U.S. citizens at birth and would qualify for any government-assistance program as long as their family income was low enough to meet eligibility restrictions.


The most recent report to Congress from the Office of Refugee Resettlement found that refugees even five years after arriving were significantly more likely to be unemployed than the U.S. population as a whole. Only 55 percent of all refugees who had been in the United States for five years reported speaking English “well” or “very well.”


It’s worse, read the whole thing as this refugee entitlement will add drastically to our debt numbers.

Meanwhile, Syrian refugees describe confusing vetting process, uncertainty in America**YAWWWWN**

Nothing to see here, move along, haters and Islamophobes: Islamic State does have sleeper cells disguised as refugees

American Republicans, like Donald Trump and Jeb Bush, who warned against the Islamic State taking advantage of the refugee crisis, have been proven correct.

A senior German security official told the BBC Thursday that Islamic State “sleeper cells” have infiltrated the country, and that an attack would be “very likely.”

“We have to accept that we have hit squads and sleeper cells in Germany,” said Manfred Hauser, the deputy head of Bavaria’s intelligence. “We have substantial reports that among the refugees are hit squads.”

Some of those reports came from refugees, Hauser said, adding: “We have irrefutable evidence that there is an ISIS command structure that makes an attack in Germany very likely.”


It calls into question those who cried “bigotry” at anyone who suggested the U.S. be cautious toward accepting refugees. Now we know some of the “refugees” really are members of the Islamic State, further proving those who called for caution over politics were right.


Europeans Fear Wave of Refugees Will Mean More Terrorism, Fewer Jobs

VIDEO – Bill Clinton: Rebuild Detroit with Syrian Refugees

Sick: Out Of The 10,126 Syrian Refugees Let Into The U.S. By The Obama Regime, Only 52 Are Christians…


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