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Front Page: While Huma is Off Campaigning for Hillary… UPDATED and BUMPED



huma wiener

FOX News: Huma Abedin separates from Anthony Weiner after latest sexting report

Twitchy: Huma Abedin makes announcement about marriage to Anthony Weiner

Still a better love story than Twilight. Ben Shapiro questions romance after the Weiner split

Daily Mail: Humiliated Huma FINALLY dumps sexting Weiner

But Hillary gets to keep Bill, and keep making money off him…

Anyhow, this might just be part of Huma’s decision:

And this:

Can we talk about the national security implications of Anthony Weiner’s… habit?


What a filthy piece of shit this slug is.
With Huma as Hillary’s right hand gal, and possible chief of staff in the Oval Office, her disgusting husband is a dire liability should some entity get hold of something like this, or worse, and blackmail her…

NYPost: Anthony Weiner sexted busty brunette while his son was in bed with him

HotAir: Carlos Danger rides again

Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit: “HE’S LIKE BILL CLINTON’S MINI-ME…”

FOX News: STAY-AT-HOME CAD: Ex-Rep Weiner, husband of Clinton aide Abedin, includes son in latest sext

FLASHBACK VIDEO: Will ‘Weiner’ documentary cost Hillary Clinton votes?

Twitchy: D’oh! Paging Carlos Danger, Anthony Weiner deleted his twitter account

James Woods thinks Anthony Weiner can solve the energy crisis


Huma’s (and Hillary’s) troubles don’t end with her ‘flasher’ husband: Huma Abedin’s mom linked to shocking anti-women book

So, as Trump is deemed, by the MSM as well as Hillary, a ‘racist’ because KKK members have said they support him, Hillary will not be held to any such standard, even though she (the champion and defender of women’s rights) is actually an elbow-rubber with this woman whereas Trump isn’t with the KKK.



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