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Tweets of The Day: The NFL’s Political Hypocrisy

This latest social media dust-up is in reaction to San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refusing to stand for the playing of the National Anthem. The multi-million dollar footballer has said he is willing to take the ‘backlash’ for his public display. Well, yes, it’s his First Amendment right to do and say whatever he wants. And he surely can thank men like this young man for protecting that right…

However, his personal bullshit aside, the NFL has become a growing cesspool of politically driven bullshit.

Actor James Woods has the best reaction, not just to Colin Kaepernick, but to the NFL in general…

NFL Won’t Let Cowboys Wear Helmet Decal Supporting Dallas Police

The NFL Fumbles With Slain Dallas Police Officers

Debra Burlingame @ Facebook points out:

White birthmother, black biological father–both abandoned him. Adopted by a white couple. The 19-million-a-year, 28 yr old athlete sat down to protest how blacks are treated by white society … This is a confused man.

Barack Obama struggled with this black/white thing….you can read about it in his autobiography. He embraced the black side because “that’s how people see me.” I can’t help but think that this young man has issues about his wealth, too. But, who among us would have the luxury of bringing our political cause to work? “Excuse me, before you sign this contract, buy this car, order from the menu, I’d like to tell you what I think of the American flag.”

Ironically, the National Anthem celebrates victory over tyranny, the fight for Freedom.

1st Amendment has nothing to do with it. 49ers not the govt. If any one of us did this on the job, we’d be reprimanded, or fired. I’m sure this guy has a clause in his contract which talks about this. He put the owners in a spot. They have a huge investment in this guy. So, they spin…

Well, 49ers fans are exercising their First Amendment rights as well: San Francisco 49ers fans have filmed themselves burning Colin Kaepernick jerseys to the national anthem after he refused to stand for it


It also doesn’t help the ignorant fool recently converted to Islam and is engaged to a BLM operative


During the off-season Colin Kaepernick converted to Islam.   Colin Kaepernick is also engaged to Black Lives Matter activist and hip-hop radio personality DJ Nessa Diab. Black Lives Matter as an activist group is synonymous with promotion of authentic Islam.

In the social justice arena, there is no daylight between the various BLM activism groups, and activist Islam.   They are interwoven amid every controversial eruption over the past six years.  We have tried to draw attention to it numerous times, but many don’t fully grasp the scope of the relationship between radical Islam and Black Lives Matter.  It’s a symbiosis, a complete synergy in activism and intent.


According to NFL players who are friends with Kaepernick, Colin and NessA Diab are going to have a traditional Muslim wedding.

Uh-huh … Well, where is her burka and why does she straighten her hair like a “white woman”?


AoSHQ: Colin Kaepernick: The NFL’s Newest Blithering Idiot

MSNBC’s Touré defends Kaepernick for being an ungrateful douche, shows his ignorance of the First



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