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‘Timing’ and ‘Ass-Covering’ is Everything for Hillary Clinton

As Julian Assange projects and promotes even ‘Most interesting and serious’ Hillary info yet to come

… and in his recent exclusive interview with FOX News Channel’s Megyn Kelly (part 1 here and part 2 here).

By the way, earlier this week there was an alleged possible assassination attempt foiled on Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where the WikiLeaks founder has been living in sanctuary these last 4 years from a rape allegation charge. How timely would his death have been? Seriously, I would imagine the man has a hell of a lot of back-ups in place, should something like that happen, to carry out the leaked info.

Meanwhile, the tech firm that provided Hillary and her ass-covering team with the “bleach” to scrub her computers/devices and server of her highly questionable emails while at the US State Department is bragging about having assisted the criminal actions of a woman who should not only be legally disqualified from running for any government seat in the US, but should be indicted and on trial, pending a federal prison stint, and apparently believes it’s a great marketing point for its product…

A technology company that provided the program Hillary Clinton’s team used to scrub her private server of emails bragged on its website Thursday that it had prevented the FBI from accessing deleted records.

BleachBit, the publicly-available application that was used to deleted some of Clinton’s emails ahead of an FBI investigation, said it had not yet been served a subpoena over its involvement in the destruction of potentially classified records.

A headline on the company’s website read: “BleachBit stifles investigation of Hillary Clinton.”

Rep. Trey Gowdy brought the involvement of the program to light Thursday when he told Fox News that Clinton’s emails were so fully deleted that “even God can’t read them.”

This: Gowdy: FBI’s Description Of Sidney Blumenthal-Hillary Clinton Relationship Will Come As A Surprise

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/08/26/gowdy-fbis-description-of-sidney-blumenthal-hillary-clinton-relationship-will-come-as-a-surprise/#ixzz4IYRbRzCL

Nice, huh?

In addition to the emails are Clinton’s calendars from her tenure at the State Department. Huma, in her testimony, mentioned the “burn bags” that documents were being instructed to be put into. Some were undoubtedly in that ‘smoke and fire’. However, State has some they have “discovered” and are withholding in a timely manner that schedules their release in December after the election. As expected, and rightfully so, Donald Trump and others are calling the State Departments (and administration’s) announcement as “unacceptable” and are demanding they be released ASAP. These calendars would show a money-meeting trail between the Clinton State Department and donations made to the Clinton Foundation in the pay-to-play practice of Hillary.

It appears these things must now be dragged to court to be released without political agenda, like pulling rotten teeth:

Court orders State to hand over new Clinton emails by Sept. 13

And today, as the 2016 POTUS candidates, Trump and Clinton are to be briefed and view highly classified intel. HotAir’s Ed Morrissey finds it pretty much more of a threat for Hillary to have such access than it is for Trump…

Two months ago, Hillary Clinton met with FBI agents to explain why she set up a secret, unauthorized e-mail server that transmitted highly classified information about national security. Today, she visited the local FBI office to get a first-hand look at highly classified information about national security. To quote the great Yakov Smirnov: America — what a country, eh?

This part of the report from ABC News holds a particular irony:

Because of the sensitivity of the information discussed during presidential candidate briefings, the sessions must take place in locations with secure rooms, known as Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs). The FBI’s office in White Plains has such rooms.

What a coincidence! The information that passed through Hillary’s e-mail server also required a SCIF to review … and a secured e-mail system to transmit. That didn’t stop Hillary from using a non-secure and unauthorized system and demanding that all her e-mail traffic pass through it, resulting in the “extremely careless” transmission of national-security information, as James Comey put it in his statement days after Hillary’s previous visit to the FBI…


SCIFs are required to review and discuss top secret and special-access program information, which gives us an idea of the sensitivity of today’s discussions. How did someone shown to have exhibited such “carelessness” over a four-year period — and who still lies to this day about it — gain access to a classified briefing of even more and newer TS and TS/SAP intel? Well, we can thank Democratic primary voters for that, because all major-party nominees get exactly this kind of briefing. And if Hillary wins the election, she not only will have access to all of this information, she can protect herself by declassifying it if she gets caught fumbling it again. […]

Everyone and everything comes second/third/fourth to Hillary Clinton’s covering her damn ass. This much we have seen and learned from her crucial position of power while secretary of State. She will not change if she occupies the Oval Office.

Twitchy: Hillary Clinton didn’t take any of her aides into the intelligence briefing, BUT…


Confirmed: Army Training Slide Calling Hillary an Insider Threat Is Real



Kimberley Strassel: Under Hillary, State and the Clinton Foundation were one seamless entity

In March this column argued that while Mrs. Clinton’s mishandling of classified information was important, it missed the bigger point. The Democratic nominee obviously didn’t set up her server with the express purpose of exposing national secrets—that was incidental. She set up the server to keep secret the details of the Clintons’ private life—a life built around an elaborate and sweeping money-raising and self-promoting entity known as the Clinton Foundation.

Had Secretary Clinton kept the foundation at arm’s length while in office—as obvious ethical standards would have dictated—there would never have been any need for a private server, or even private email. The vast majority of her electronic communications would have related to her job at the State Department, with maybe that occasional yoga schedule. And those Freedom of Information Act officers would have had little difficulty—when later going through a state.gov email—screening out the clearly “personal” before making her records public. This is how it works for everybody else.

Mrs. Clinton’s problem—as we now know from this week’s release of emails from Huma Abedin’s private Clinton-server account—was that there was no divide between public and private. Mrs. Clinton’s State Department and her family foundation were one seamless entity—employing the same people, comparing schedules, mixing foundation donors with State supplicants. This is why she maintained a secret server, and why she deleted 15,000 emails that should have been turned over to the government.


Watchdogs warn of ‘serious’ conflicts of interest for Clinton Foundation

Austin Bay: The Clinton Foundation’s Global Bribery and Crony Access Scam

No. It’s not “sexist” or off-limits to question Hillary’s health. Ed Driscoll @ Instapundit:


Flashback: Nets Skeptical of McCain Health in 2008, Worried About Mental Fitness.

On a sidebar related thought: ‘Dr. Drew’ canceled on CNN’s HLN days after questions about Hillary Clinton’s health … Well, he’s still alive, ain’t he? … So, there’s that. But I hope Dr. Drew has saved up enough money to purchase a very lucrative life insurance policy, but make certain it covers ‘suicide by 2-3 gun shots to the back of the head … in a metro park’…

Leaked emails: Dem leaders rejected Hillary plan to frame GOP’s choice as between Trump and Paul Ryan

Hillary’s Secret Kremlin Connection Is Quickly Unraveling: Exactly how Clinton profited off deals with Skolkovo is something the American public has a right to know before November 8

1/3 OF ABEDIN EMAILS 100% REDACTED: Information on Clinton server too sensitive even for Congress


Clinton Hispanic Advantage Smaller Among U.S.-Born Hispanics

Democrats’ weak bench undermines hope of taking back Senate

BAHAHA: The Best Tweets from #HillaryClintonSearchTerms

PBS NewsHour Cuts Anti-Hillary Portions of Judy Woodruff’s Jill Stein Interview

The new GDP numbers are terrible. No wonder Hillary won’t talk about the economy

Hillary’s worst scandal is that she really thinks she’s clean … Actually, I think it’s proof she is suffering from dementia, possibly substance induced. I’m just sayin’…


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