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The Clinton Foundation Syndicate: Hillary’s “Smoke” vs. “Fire” Is Nothing But More Clinton Farts and Mirrors BS

HotAir asks: Remember when Hillary promised there wouldn’t be any ‘smoke’ let alone ‘fire’ with the Clinton Foundation?

FOX News: Clinton pushes back on foundation controversy, says it’s been transparent

Yeah, right, Slick Hillie.

But Wikileaks founder Julian Assange promises there are more Hillary emails waiting on the launch deck…

Part 2 of Assange interview airs Thursday night

It’s pretty bad when Joe is forced into a “broken clock” moment.

Austin Bay: A STREET CAR NAMED STATE DEPARTMENT: “I have always depended on the kindness of donors.”

MORE Smoke and Fire:

Somebody get Howard Dean a bib and a diaper:

Julian Assange: Next leak on Clinton, Dems will have “unexpected angles”

Rep. Gowdy: Hillary Clinton is a ‘habitual, serial liar’

Clinton Still Blaming Colin Powell For Her Email Scandal, Tells CNN “I’m Not Going To Re-Litigate This!”…

Puh-LEEZE! WaPo’s Chris Cillizza reminded how long Hillary’s ‘best answer’ about emails took to evolve

Donald Trump’s campaign manager explains Trump’s 6-figure Clinton Foundation donation

FOX News Headlines:

BIAS ALERT: New York Times finds latest Clinton Foundation bombshell unfit to print

Gutfeld: Here’s why Hillary is in hiding: Rather than dispel accusations of cronyism, the Democratic presidential nominee has retreated to the crawlspace under the stairs

Drudge Report Headlines:

ARK DEM-GAZ WARNS NATION: Hillary Getting Away With Ethics Shorcuts For Long, Long Time…

Clinton Cash Map…



‘Sensitive’ cable undercuts story about Russian uranium deal…

WIKILEAKS Dump Looms: Assange Claims ‘Game Changer’…


One comment on “The Clinton Foundation Syndicate: Hillary’s “Smoke” vs. “Fire” Is Nothing But More Clinton Farts and Mirrors BS

  1. […] and in his recent exclusive interview with FOX News Channel’s Megyn Kelly (part 1 here and part 2 […]


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