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Earthly Omens of Civilization’s Coming Collapse …

bloody moon

A blood red moon over the New York skyline last night thrilled New Yorkers.

Which reminds me…


“The Strain”: Vampire apocalypse accelerates in Season 3 fires-up this Sunday on FX (check local listing). Vampires vs. Zombies: It’s typically up against AMC’s “Fear The Walking Dead”, so set the DVR.

Big shakes overnight:


Small towns all but completely leveled or wiped from the face of the Earth overnight as Italy is rocked by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake collapsed dwellings and building atop the sleeping populations. So far it is reported more than 70 are dead with many others, hopefully survivors, still buried under the ruble.

A 6.8 mag earthquake shook central Burma overnight as well.

But, hey, just as long as we don’t use that evil DDT:


Florida Governor: 5 Cases Of Zika On Miami Beach

Florida announces Zika case hundreds of miles from Miami

Health official warns Zika could spread across U.S. Gulf

Zika infection may affect adult brain cells

Zika Images Show ‘Worst Brain Infections That Doctors Will Ever See’

Minimizing risk poses unique challenges in Zika vaccine trials, scientists say

Just a bunch of hot air:


The North Atlantic: Ground Zero of Global Cooling


Climate experts say that July 2016 was the hottest month ever. In the United States, it was one of the least hot months ever.

NO WAY! You’ll *never guess what Bill Nye blames for the Louisiana floods (*if you’re new to this planet)

Comedian and TV host Bill Nye “The Science Guy” told CNN to “knock yourselves out” for having a “climate change denier meteorologist.”

EPA Watchdog Calls Out Biofuel Boondoggle

Potential `Canes:



Enable Nation … Stick a needle in my eye:

Seattle could open housing for homeless where it’s OK to use heroin

W. Va. city swamped by overdoses, as nation battles surging opioid epidemic

EpiPen Price Gouging Came As Mylan Pulled Off Tax Inversion

LSD Might Make You More Creative

Cops arrest man ‘acting like gorilla’ and masturbating on sidewalk…

Tower of Babel Rabble:


Appalachian State University students must walk past a “privilege board” denouncing their white, male, able-bodied, Christian, or cisgender privilege any time they enter the Student Union.

State University Now Offers ‘Stop White People’ Training

Md. school district: Don’t tell parents if transgender males bunk with daughters

New Mexico school sends mixed signals on gender policy

Idaho school district adopts gender inclusion policy

Judge Blocks Obama Policy That Let Students Choose Bathroom Based on Gender Identity

West Virginia University Offers Students Guide On “Using Gender Neutral Pronouns Such As ‘Ve,’ ‘Ver’ And ‘Vis’”

HuffPo: Calling Adult Women “Girls” Is An “Oppressive Tool” And Probably Sexist…

POTD: Fuming

Target bathroom boycott: Will retailer keep flushing profits down the toilet?

Journal: Transgenderism ‘Not Supported By Scientific Evidence’

PERFECT: ‘Sausage Party’ Lesbian Taco Character Riles Up SJWs

All-Female Nude Shakespeare Performance Seeks To Change Perceptions In Prospect Park

Fight over groceries triggered beating that killed NJ toddler, prosecutors say

Car-torching catches on in Demark

‘Borders are the worst invention ever!’ EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker widens rift with European leaders as he calls for open borders

We Have Been Warned: Nice church you have there. Shame if something were to happen to it…

ACT Scores Drop as More Take Test

Pew: Americans giving up on God, miracles

Wear it like Mao:


hillary mao

WTF Is Hillary Wearing?

Commercial flights are too ‘burdensome’ for Clinton

Calling Hillary ‘Mrs. Clinton’ is sexist, say Georgetown Dems


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