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Rio 2016: What the ‘Outraged’ MSM Is Not Reporting About the Lochte Story


“Al seems really worked up over Lochte’s “lies,” doesn’t he? Has Al spent one second on the Today Show listing out all the people Hillary Clinton lied to about her email scam?”

The swimmer is paying a far bigger and severe penalty for his ‘lie’ in order to protect Brazil’s/Rio’s and the IOC’s reputations than Hillary Clinton has been or will be paying for her lies about lies about lies at this nation’s expense and security, in more ways than one…

Larry O’Connor @ HotAir reports:

It’s become conventional wisdom from network anchors trying to paint a rosy picture on a troubled Olympics to journalists who embrace the narrative of “ugly Americans” taking advantage of the downtrodden, third world Brazilians.

There’s only one problem with this narrative: It appears it’s completely false.

USA Today has done a thorough and extensive investigation of the security videos from the gas station in question and they’ve done something Matt Lauer and Bob Costas sure haven’t done.  They interviewed the actual witnesses who were there the night of the incident. Their report today paints a very different picture of the media narrative Americans have been fed since Friday morning:

But a narrative of the night’s events – constructed by USA TODAY Sports from witness statements, official investigations, surveillance videos and media reports – supports Lochte’s later account in which he said he thought the swimmers were being robbed when they were approached at a gas station by armed men who flashed badges, pointed guns at them and demanded money.

Where I come from (Detroit) when someone points a weapon at you and will not let you leave until you give them money, it’s called “armed robbery.”  Yes, even in Detroit.  Now maybe the standard for “armed robbery” is different in Brazil. You know, like the standard for “handling classified materials in a negligent way” has a shifting standard depending on whether you’re running for president and whether the Attorney General is a member of your political party.

But, armed robbery should be one of those crimes that transcends language and culture.

USA Today’s analysis picks up on some important factors that need to be pointed out:

An extensive review of surveillance footage by a USA TODAY Sports videographer who also visited the gas station supports swimmer Gunnar Bentz’s claim that he did not see anyone vandalize the restroom, an allegation that in particular heightened media portrayals of the four as obnoxious Americans behaving recklessly in a foreign country. Meanwhile, Rio authorities have declined to identify the guards or offer any details beyond confirming they are members of law enforcement who were working a private security detail.

Marinate in that for a moment, will you?

A videographer who visited the actual bathroom in question and analyzed all of the video footage says there is no evidence (on video or in person) that supports the claim that the bathroom was vandalized by the swimmers. One of the swimmers (Bentz) has gone on record saying he didn’t see any of the swimmers vandalize the bathroom. The security guards who are also law enforcement have not been brought forward to be interviewed  by reporters. In fact, we’ve never even seen their faces.

We’ve seen these swimmers’ faces plastered on our TVs and across the Internet for a week now and the thugs who held them at gunpoint and robbed them remain anonymous. We are told to just trust the word of the Rio Police Department on this one. After all, is there a more just and honest entity on the planet earth than a Brazilian police force and a local, Brazilian judge trying to save face in light of an embarrassing armed robbery during the Olympic games? I mean, why would they lie?

Read the entire HotAir article. It’s really quite stunning how the MSM has not only buried the facts, again, but have dragged Lochte and the other US swimmers through the mud. But what do you expect from NBC/MSNBC after they painted such a glorious communist history of Russia in the previous Olympic winter games there

If only this CNN analyst’s Ryan Lochte standard applied to a certain presidential candidate


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