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Hillary has Obvious Health Issues and the MSM Doesn’t Give a Damn


Yes … We not only have a right to know, we demand the MSM investigate, ask serious questions, and demand her damn unadulterated health records…

PILLOWS FOR HILLARY! … That’s the latest bizarre story regarding the Hillary Clinton questionable health issue the MSM is not even slightly interested in, but would be obsessed with were it Trump involves her strict insistence that she has pillows always at the ready whenever and wherever she makes an appearance in order to prop her up and stabilize her back and posture. Heat Street has several example photos of her royal flushiness with said cushioning.

Meanwhile, DR. DREW is “gravely concerned” about Hillary’s health and suspects “brain damage” is affecting her balance.

In this older photo that hit the internet viral swing we were told “the steps were icy” and they were making sure she didn’t slip and fall. Look at the people in that picture. Does it look cold enough for ice on the steps to you?


I’m not sure the reasoning behind this prop-up episode, but still media silence…


And I don’t know WTF is going on here … and not sure I want to, aside from the fact it probably is connected to whatever the fuck is ailing this witch…



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