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POTD: But Malia Obama’s “Choom Gang” is So-o-o-o Sexy Cool!!


“The children of POTUSs are off-limits!” and “Leave her alone, she’s just a kid having fun!”, said nobody ever in the MSM about the then ‘college-aged’ Bush daughters.

Malia Obama is not in college. She’s a minor. And, say, even if it’s not a pot joint but a tobacco cigarette, that’s better???

Seriously, MSM, wtf???

Her mother Michelle and father Barack have done more ‘nanny state’ brow-beating of the American people and forced ‘healthy living’ nanny state demands and regulations than all past admins combined. And this?


EXPLOSIVE VIDEO: Malia Obama CAUGHT On Camera Smoking ‘Pot’

Shocking video shows the president’s eldest daughter puffing on a suspicious cigarette

Malia Obama Caught on Video Twerking and Flashing the Crowd at Lollapalooza

But! But! But, the children of Democrats are, like, really, really “different” than evil and disgusting Republican children … SO, shut-Up and leave Malia Obama alone, you racist haters!!!



One comment on “POTD: But Malia Obama’s “Choom Gang” is So-o-o-o Sexy Cool!!

  1. […] So, using Obama family ‘change history’ ideology the photos of her in July puffing away at a concert didn’t happen, I guess. That, and if Mommy and Daddy think this homemade T-shirt somehow makes up for that public […]


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