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POTD: Cold Water War


The Russian Olympic Team has been plagued by penalties for ‘doping’.

U.S.A. hopeful Lilly King is taking it very seriously, especially when it comes to the arrogant Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova, who herself has been caught doping twice in the past, yet, allowed to participate in the Rio games inspite of the collective punishment on Russian athletes. The Russian swimmer pouts: “I thought Cold War was long in the past”

Perhaps she should discuss that concept with her former KGB-op and current president Vlad Putin who is doing everything to drag our countries and the world back to those good old days after being booed while on the medal podium.


Other Rio Summer Olympics observations, and they are all politically-driven and in favor of pushing Muslim ‘refugees’:

The Refugee Olympic Team is a great story, and in an ideal world it wouldn’t exist

Celebrate Diversity! Nike Airs Ad Featuring Transgender Athlete Competing At Rio Olympics… … Of course.

I’m noticing, every time I bother to watch the broadcasts, NBC is really pushing the Muslim-American female fencer in their promos and Olympic moments/backgrounds, and it’s mostly about her customary/Islamic garb she insists on wearing … and her political stab at GOP candidate Donald Trump:

Fencer Becomes First American Olympian to Compete in Hijab

Muslim American fencer to Donald Trump: ‘I don’t have another home’

UCLA Student Newspaper: Muslim Athlete Should Have Carried American Flag In Rio Because Of Donald Trump…

The cover-ups versus the cover-nots: Egyptian and German beach volleyball players highlight the massive cultural divide between Western and Islamic women’s teams

Although the International Volleyball Federation used to have standards regulating the size of uniforms, those were loosened heading into the London 2012 Olympics to allow full sleeves and leggings



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