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Obama Agenda: Becoming Angela Merkel’s Germany


Unvetted, stridently protected by this nation’s detrimental PC culture and democrats who are planning for an influx in their voting base, and fully-funded by our tax dollars…

(Washignton Times) – After a massive surge of effort, the administration is on pace to blow past President Obama’s goal of 10,000 Syrian refugees this fiscal year, and could end up taking in more than 12,000 if the pace continues — locking the next president into an even bigger 2017.

In July alone, 2,478 Syrian refugees were admitted. Another 453 were approved during the first week of August, and officials said that pace will continue beyond October, the beginning of fiscal year 2017.

At that rate, nearly 30,000 Syrians could be admitted in the next year.


The increase in Syrian refugees has been controversial, particularly after some refugees were implicated in terrorist attacks in Europe. In addition, one man admitted as an Iraqi refugee, but who came from Syria, was charged in the U.S. this year with supporting terrorists.

Rep. Vern Buchanan, Florida Republican, warned that as the Islamic State loses ground in the Middle East, it is likely to send more operatives to carry out attacks in Europe and the U.S.

And as this administration and the US Congress allow this influx, not in their backyard(s), eh?

Virginia’s Syrian Refugees Resettled In Poor Communities Hours Away From Wealthy DC Suburbs


Syrian refugees settling in US at a faster clip

Trump: Obama sending refugees to Republican states

They won’t be anyway near the Kennedy compound, Hollywood or The Hamptons either…

Obama Is Sending 10,000 Refugees To These 180 Cities… Is Yours On This List?

The areas in Ohio in this link are republican areas.


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