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LMAO: NY Times Writer Making Shit Up About Being Forced to Take Sides ‘This’ Election

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New York Times writer Jim Rutenberg makes a deep and disappointed *sigh* and laughingly insists “journalists” are being forced out of some sort of moral obligation to the nation, or some such bullshit, to turn on the anti-Trump guns in this election to save us all from total ruin.

Trump Is Testing the Norms of Objectivity in Journalism

The premise is complete horse shit. The MSM, and the NYTimes in particular, have been stepping way outside any perception of unbiased reporting for decades. So, for Rutenburg to write this ridiculous missive acting as if it has not been this way already is not only insulting to the readers, but very sad.

Rush Limbaugh calls ‘bullshit’ as well on the MSM’s rationalizing its drastically slanted, and Trump targeted, coverage in this election cycle…

If Bashing Trump Were an Olympic Event, the Media Would Win Every Medal

… It’s so bad that the New York Times has written a piece justifying it. Our old buddy, Jim Rutenberg, who has taken over the media analysis responsibility at the New York Times has a piece: “Balance, Fairness and a Proudly Provocative Presidential Candidate.” What this piece is about — it prints out to like six pages — what this piece is about is how the media has had to abandon all of its known norms.

The media has had to abandon all of its objectivity. The media has had to abandon all of its impartiality, because Trump is so bad that the media has nothing else to do; they have no choice but than to try to destroy him. For the sake of humanity, for the sake of decency, for the sake of saving the planet.

I’ve never seen a piece like this. It’s written with ringing hands, “Oh, we feel so bad about this, it’s just horrible, but it’s a necessity. We’ve never been in a situation — everything we learned in journalism school has had to be thrown out the window.” I’m paraphrasing. These are not actual quotes. But we’ll get into it here ’cause it sets everything up. It sets everything up for the — well, the rest of the campaign, the rest of the program today, you name it.


Limbaugh goes on to make a bit of an observation based on a Daily Caller story of the very poor ratings of NBC’s 2016 Rio Summer Olympic coverage that the world is apparently cheering against Team USA. As if they didn’t always. Anyhow, it is quite evident and blatant in the very little I have watched in the swimming events with the behavior of other nations’ swimmers toward our swimmers…

“An NBC Olympic announcer pointed to the negative reaction the US teams have received all over the world during the women’s indoor volleyball team match against Puerto Rico. The United States lost a point to Puerto Rico towards the end of the second game during the match as a result of a challenge regarding a ball out call from the referee. The Brazilian stadium audience cheered when the decision was announced. ‘And you heard the cheers from the pro-Brazilian, pro-Puerto Rican crowd here.'”


The rivalry between Michael Phelps and Chad le Clos turned into a magnificent Internet meme

And our swimmers pretty pissed at the Olympic organization’s, and those atheletes arrogance, where “doping” is concerned…


Back to Rush:

In other words, this story says that America, the United States is being cheered against everywhere. No matter what venue, no matter where you go, no matter what event, the hatred for the United States or the dislike is so vicious that people are cheering against the US at every venue.

Now, why do you think this story is a story? Who do you think might be responsible for this? Would you say it would be the last eight years of the Obama administration and the things we’ve done around the world? No, no, don’t be silly. Oh, don’t be silly. It’s gotta be Trump. The world hates us because of Trump. (laughing) I mean, there’s no end to this.


And it’s safe to say that in all of life that there isn’t anything really new, but within the historical context, most people’s lives history began the day they were born. You know, stuff that happens when they’re alive, that’s the most important, the best, the worst, whatever it is.

So within that context, I don’t think anybody can remember it ever being this bad, purposely and undisguised. I mean, this piece in the New York Times today makes it clear that they’re doing it purposely, willingly, knowingly, and here’s an excuse for it. And we’re gonna be keep doing it, Rutenberg says. Well, they, the media, he’s an analyst — they’re gonna keep doing it, because it’s the only hope for the country. The only hope for the world is to deny Trump the presidency, this is so bad, this is so over the top, this is so unacceptable.

Now, meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is an absolute walking disaster. But not one aspect of her negatives is being touted, is being reported on, and fact-checkers are doing their best to eliminate gaffes and other things that she commits. I mean, it is one-sided like we haven’t seen before. And I don’t know how to overcome it or if it can be, and I don’t know what the long-term impact of it’s gonna be. The thing I know is that, whether you want to hear it or not, the Drive-By Media, despite having lost their monopoly, and despite having lost their overall dominance, they are still located in primo places, like Google.


Just to reiterate the story from last week, when the story of a $400 million bribe, when that story surfaced and the take on that story being a bribe happened, and yet there was no national outcry, there didn’t seem to be any anti-Hillary reaction to it, any anti-Obama reaction to it in any polling data or you just couldn’t find any news stories, couldn’t tune into anything and find people upset about it, so people write to me, “Do people not care? I can’t believe people don’t care!”

And I wrote back to my friend, I said, “They don’t know. The fact that $400 million was paid as a bribe, that hasn’t shown up in the Drive-By Media. It’s only in our media.” So the people you’re waiting to blow up over this — and let’s face it, how long is it we’ve been waiting for what we think average, ordinary Americans blow up over things that we routinely know and react? They don’t react so we think we’re losing the country, but the fact is they don’t know.

Most of them, if they tune into Yahoo, go to Google or wherever they get their news, Facebook in the news feed, doesn’t matter. They’re not gonna see anybody’s take on that deal as a $400 million bribe or ransom or any of that, so it’s not that they don’t react to it, it’s not that we’re losing the country per se, it’s that these people just don’t know. So in that sense it’s hard to calculate just how far can the media go being unfair, unbalanced, and actually programmed and oriented to destroy one of the presidential candidates and candidacies, how far can that go before the low-information crowd says, “Wait a minute, something’s wrong here. It can’t be that bad.”

And the $400 million ransom to Iran is just the latest in an endless line of huge and controversial stories relating to Hillry and/or Obama, such as every level of the Benghazi attack that cost four American lives, including an ambassador, and the resulting cover-up by Hillary Clinton and her State department that led to her email scandal. None of this extensively covered by the MSM … and then the IRS targeting of conservative groups in 2012 (which apparently, if investigated thuroughly, appears to be one of the most manipulated and tainted elections in modern American history) and any number of issues that would have been wall-to-wall coverage by the MSM. But they haven’t covered shit about the Obama administration or Hillary Clinton, unless in passing and while shrugging it off as nothing.

… So Trump is so over the top, Trump is so bad, Trump is so dangerous that we gotta chuck our normal standards out the window.  But what do we replace them with?  Well, “[c]overing Mr. Trump as an abnormal and potentially dangerous candidate is more than just a shock to the journalistic system.” Oh, okay.  So in the middle of this attempt to take Trump out and destroy him, journalists are in shock! (laughing) They don’t believe what they’re doing.  They can’t believe that they have been reduced to this.

You know why?  Get this next sentence.  This is unbelievable.  “Covering Mr. Trump as an abnormal and potentially dangerous candidate is more than just a shock to the journalistic system. It threatens to throw the advantage to his … opponent, Hillary Clinton…” No kidding!  You mean to tell me that if Trump were a normal candidate, you guys wouldn’t be pulling for Hillary, but Trump is so bad that you’re now — for the first time in many of your careers — actually pulling for the Democrat to win the race?

And that’s a dangerous precedent, Mr. Rutenberg says.  “Covering Mr. Trump … is more than just a shock to the journalistic system. It threatens to throw the advantage to his news conference-averse opponent, Hillary Clinton, who should draw plenty more tough-minded coverage herself.” Well, why isn’t she?  If you in the Drive-Bys think that Hillary should be getting tougher coverage, why isn’t she?  Oh, I know!  Because Trump is so dangerous and so bad, it’s taking everything you’ve got to take him out.

Mr. Rutenberg writes, Hillary “proved that again last week with her assertion on Fox News Sunday that James Comey, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, had declared her to be truthful in her answers about her decision to use a private email server for official State Department business — a grossly misleading interpretation…” Okay, why can’t you just report that?  Why can’t just report that she lied?  Why can’t you? Maybe… It’s like when Hillary supposedly made a Freudian slip when she promised to do raise taxes on the middle class.

Maybe she didn’t make a mistake.  Maybe Hillary Clinton accidentally told the truth!  But, no, when Hillary Clinton makes “a faux pas” like that, the Drive-Bys run in and make sure everybody knows she didn’t mean it. And she really didn’t mean when she said that Comey said that she had pretty much told the truth.  But if we’re to believe this, mainstream journalists have never before been oppositional. They’ve never been in this precarious, dangerous situation.

They’ve never had to become for a particular candidate.  They have now been forced to do that by virtue of having to be oppositional to Donald Trump.  “But let’s face it,” Mr. Rutenberg continues, “Balance has been on vacation since Mr. Trump stepped onto his golden Trump Tower escalator last year to announce his candidacy. For the primaries and caucuses, the imbalance played to his advantage, captured by the killer statistic of the season: His nearly $2 billion in free media was more than six times as much as that of his closest Republican rival.”

Anyway, the story goes on with examples and quotes from media people like MSNBC anchors and infobabes about their shock at what they’re hearing, their shock at what they’re saying, and they can’t believe that Trump should be allowed anywhere near the nuclear arsenal, the nuclear codes, the nuclear football.  So they know.  Of course they know!  So what we’re getting is an explanation for why — and it’s so, so dangerous.  They’ve never before had to go to these lengths to destroy a candidate.

But they have to, here! They have to throw every standard of fairness and objectivity, and just standing around and watching what’s happening and telling people… They have to throw all that out.  They have to destroy Trump.  And in the process, they’re helping Hillary, and they don’t like doing that. And it’s Trump’s fault, ’cause he’s so bad, he demands all this coverage. He demands that the media destroy him.  I mean, his candidacy is such that the media’s got no choice, and then Hillary’s end up getting a free pass. (groans) Oh, it’s gotta be so tough to be a member of the Drive-By Media.


They were so focused, Trump is so bad, he’s so threatening, Trump is so dangerous that the Drive-By Media has to stop every ounce of coverage of Hillary Clinton to focus on taking Trump out and saving America.  When’s the last time you read of journalists concerned with saving America?

Limbaugh goes into the way the polling this election has become completely rigged and not to be trusted. Read the whole thing.


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Story links to media bias against Trump via Drudge Report archives.


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