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Uh-Huh: Obama and His Administration Insist It Wasn’t a “Ransom” …

Pastor Saeed Abedini tells Trish Regan Fox Business his side of the his and the other 3 Americans’ release, and it smells of waiting for the ransom money ‘drop’.

And shortly after the four Americans were released, Iran took two more Americans hostage … and we aren’t even counting the US Sailors Iran claimed were in their waters and detained and publicly shamed.

My thoughts, Iran is taking Americas ‘hostage’ as some sort of leverage in order to force payments on the agreed to billions of dollars agreed upon in the Iran nuclear deal. This then turns portions of that money into blackmail or ransom payments by this means.


The crickets are deafening! MSM challenged to pick up this bombshell about Obama’s ‘not a ransom’ payment to Iran


Freed American Hostage: We Waited All Night at the Airport

Pastor Abedini Says Iran Wouldn’t Release American Prisoners Until ‘Another Plane’ Landed

Exclusive–Senate Intel Chair on Obama’s Pallets of Cash to Iran: ‘It Keeps Getting Worse’

Obama: We Had to Send Iran Pallets of Cash Because We Couldn’t Send a Check

John Bolton: Obama’s ‘Humiliating’ Ransom Payment Was ‘Wrapped Around the Nuclear Deal’ — ‘We Were Doing Iran’s Bidding’


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