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The MSM’s Latest Khan-voluted Crap


We are supposed to take Mr. Khan seriously because he shouted in alleged defense of the U.S. Constitution and happened to have a pocket copy with him to wave around in his scolding manner to Donald Trump? And the democrats and the leftist MSM ran with the DNC’s using of this man and his wife, and their KIA son in order to deflect the real issue of being more cautious and apprehensive about allowing alleged ‘refugees’ from terrorist torn countries into our country. However, as has been being exposed days after the Khans left the DNC-Con stage Mr. Khan has made a business of bringing Muslims more easily into this country. He also has deep Clinton and Saudi ties. The man is not some poor forsaken soul here. Nor does he seriously believe the US Constitution is a priority in the United States…

Khizr Khan Believes the Constitution ‘Must Always Be Subordinated to the Sharia’

Khan-flict: Freedom Fighter Son, Sharia Supremacist Father

All Americans must acknowledge and honor the Khan family’s grief as parents of a heroic soldier killed in action. Their anguished perspective requires special deference. But we should also take seriously the assertions made by Khizr Khan, Humayun’s father, and a lawyer, about the Constitution, at the Democratic National Convention (DNC), which are contradicted by his own earlier published opinions.

Many Americans have their own copies of the Constitution (readers can get your own pocket Constitution here, for free, via Hillsdale College), and they know that Khizr Khan egregiously misrepresented what our founding document states regarding immigration in the 14th Amendment, as discussed recently by Byron York.

It was no doubt unintentional on Khizr Khan’s part that he appeared to attack the large majority of ordinary Americans who are concerned about the DNC’s support for admitting immigrants into the U.S. without background checks — even from countries with known risks for harboring jihad terrorists (i.e., like Syria). As a prime example, adequate databases for vetting Syrian Muslim refugees don’t exist.

Americans want to disagree without being disagreeable, and being hectored that we have “black souls” or lack compassion. We can have genuine, deep sympathy for the Khan family’s loss, and still disagree with Khizr Khan’s misrepresentation of the Constitution.

With all due respect for his deprivation, we must review Mr. Khan’s published articles asserting the supremacy of Sharia over other politico-legal systems. His opinions are antithetical to the principles in the Constitution that he waved at Americans during his DNC convention address, and that his own son died fighting to preserve.

Before examining Khizr Khan’s writings which extol the Sharia, a brief, unbowdlerized overview of Islam’s religio-political canon “law” is in order. The Sharia is traceable to Koranic verses and edicts (45:18, 42:13, 42:21, 5:48; 4:34, 5:33-34, 5:38, 8:12-14; 9:5, 9:29, 24:2-4), as further elaborated in the “hadith,” or traditions of Islam’s prophet Muhammad and the earliest Muslim community, and codified into formal “legal” rulings by Islam’s greatest classical legists.

Sharia is a retrogressive development compared with the evolution of clear distinctions between “ritual, the law, moral doctrine, good customs in society, etc.” within Western European Christendom, and it is utterly incompatible with the conceptions of human rights enshrined in the U.S. Bill of Rights.

Some liberty-crushing and dehumanizing Sharia sanctions: open-ended jihadism to subjugate the world to a totalitarian Islamic order; rejection of bedrock Western liberties — including freedom of conscience and speech — enforced by imprisonment, beating, or death; discriminatory relegation of non-Muslims to outcast, vulnerable pariahs, and even Muslim women to subservient chattel; and barbaric mandatory “hadd” punishments which violate human dignity, such as amputation for theft, stoning to death for adultery, and lashing for alcohol consumption.

By the way, Mr. Khan’s Koran and Sharia Law not only allows for, but strongly encourages taqiyya, most especially when encountering and dealing with “infidels”. What is taqiyya? Have a look/listen…

However, this information is all out there. A responsible, unbiased, non-political news media would do this background-checking of this now controversial Mr. Khan who allowed himself, and his dead soldier son, to be used by those whose party and its leader in the White House have spent the last eight years ignoring, trashing, and circumventing the very same US Constitution the DNC live-action handlers at their convention also used and took in vain … and the MSM has allowed it all to stand as-is.

The American MSM’s duplicity and malpractice has reached the level of a damn street drug dealer calling himself a “pharmacist”. They have cemented themselves into the position of an arm of the “Progressive” soialist democrat party in this country and cannot be trusted.

Monica Crowley writing @ The Washington Times: The media’s lies and double standards accelerate at blinding speed: The duplicity of the press reaches dangerous new lows

According to the media, not all grieving parents of fallen servicemen are created equal. Whether those parents are protected, defended and respected or ignored, dismissed and smeared depends on their political affiliation — and how useful they are to the “right” side.


The leftist activists disguised as “journalists” will do whatever it takes to advance their politics, even if it means using — or ignoring — the parents of fallen patriots. They have entered a new era of base dishonesty, which makes their hypocrisy more dangerous than ever.

Read Monica’s full and detailed missive against the media’s irresponsible responsibility in this ridiculous political ‘crisis’ designed by the DNC against Donald Trump. You see, the MSM and the “Progressive” socialists in this country have their own version of taqiyya, and oh-boy to they practice it ad nauseam against the American people so willing to bite their bait and believe anything spewing from their TVs.


The MSM’s Convoluted Khan Con

The Curious Case of Khizr Khan is Really the Left’s Pro-“Refugee” Plans


What Donald Trump Should’ve Said & Still Needs to Say to Khizr Khan, Muslim Grandstander

Roger Stone: Everything You Need to Know About Donald Trump and Khizr Khan


So much for that pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution, huh.

BTW, if you wanted to defeat somebody don’t you think you would educate yourself with their ‘playbook’ and how to turn it against them???


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